Alice in Borderland / Netflix / Japan

Alice in Borderland (Season 1)

  Can’t believe it’s already February and I haven’t really reviewed anything. Part of me wanted to kick off 2021 strong and get more into reviews as they are technically my favourite things to write. Starting very late but let’s see how long this momentum will last. First thing I want to review this year […]

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Love, Guaranteed (2020)

After watching Love, Guaranteed and penning its very quick and yet informative review on Letterboxd I decided to dive deeper. Not just because this movie deserves a deeper, more in depth review but because I really wanted to get all my frustration out. Netflix rom-coms seem to be the perfect victims for this need to […]

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365 Days (2020)

There comes a time in ones life when they must ask themselves: if life is so shit, why not make it worse? And when that question is raised, the doubt starts to linger. Why not? Why not put yourself through something awful because life’s pretty messed up anyways. Maybe it will help, maybe it will […]

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locke & key

Locke & Key (Season 1)

I had this plan where I was going to review movies this weekend and instead I binged the first season of Locke & Key. Then, as luck would have it, I ended up disliking Locke & Key a lot because it frustrated me. Here are my quick thoughts on this supernatural show that should have […]

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Sex Education (Season 2)

Last year, around this time, I fell in love with Sex Education. A quirky UK original Netflix show about teenagers and their sex problems. It was funny, emotional and I definitely rooted for most of the characters. Now that season 2 is out I can safely say that Sex Education is still one of the […]

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