My Mad Fat Diary

February Favorites

Starting my monthly favorites post with the sentence “I can’t believe this month is over” seems such a cliché but it is the only way I can express my feelings today. This was THE month for me, I turned 25 and I have kept a great schedule with posting, gone to the movies, worked a […]

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Commercial Break #3

Quite a lot has happened since I posted my last Commercial Break and most of it isn’t really worth the mention. Then there are the things that deserve to be written about after a 10 hours shift at work in the middle of the night because one just can’t hold it in any longer. That […]

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My Mad Fat Diary (Season 1)

If you do not take into account the fact that sometimes they kill off characters way too lightly (Downton Abbey), or that they make you wait for the next season what only seems to be forever (Sherlock), or that they might ruin the entire show after its third season (Misfits), British do get a lot […]

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