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Histology of 2016: Part 2

Extra Tv-show

Looking back, I’d like to think that 2016, despite its flaws, had some really great things to offer. There’s no denying that these great things were sometimes overshadowed by the turmoil of life, but at the same time, these good things made 2016 a lot more tolerable in the long run. But before I get to my favourite books and best movies of 2016, I want to look back at some of the songs and TV shows that made me…

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Linked 11/11

Mettel Ray

This post is scheduled. I’m currently on a holiday and will be answering Your comments when I get back. Be sure to leave some, so returning to rain and wind would be more enjoyable. I wanted to make this post special because it is 11.11, so it is published at 11:11 and the image is taken from here: 111 page and the 11 picture on that page. I don’t know what benefits this system has, but I just thought it…

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