And that’s a wrap!

I am back! What seems to be weeks of not posting is actually just 9 days which technically is almost two weeks of being away from typing. This has not been because of my lack of motivation or inspiration, I’ve actually been super busy these past few days and this will continue throughout July.. maybe even August. Last weekend when I left for Tallinn to be part of making a movie, I had been working the night shift, after long 5 days of “Scene 1, frame 3, take 2!”, I arrived back home just to go to work the following day – 3 night shifts in a row. And now, here I am!

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Scene 1, take 4!

As I start to celebrate the weekend, I have some bad but amazing news. The sad part is that I can’t post anything until next Friday. It means, I’ll be away for a week and this blog will be a bit lonely. Amazing part is the fact that I’m going to help to make a movie! I’m thinking about leaving my computer behind which means I can’t really post about the process either and since I’m the little helping assistant, I’m busy busy.

In case you were wondering, I’m the one who goes “Scene 2, take 34!” – what a glamorous job! So I hope you all understand my absence because I’m literally in the movie world and that’s better than any other excuse for a movie blogger.

Wish me luck and see you next weekend!