CB: Once Upon a Time In June

Way back in February, when I had a lot of time on my hands, I wrapped up January like a champ. Then, I sort of forgot about it and now I’m bringing the wrap up back. In other words, I’m wrapping up the entire month of June – from movies to shows to books to songs! With a bit of commentary on each of the things I saw, read and listened, and links to possible reviews and such. So take a look at everything I experienced in June, and apparently, there was a lot!

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ReWind: July

Numbers: 107,000+ all time views, 5982 views, 193 average per day, 20 posts

Summary: In July I was focusing on quality and ironically, I received a quality blog award the Liebster from The Movie Waffler – thank you! I also made some small changes to the blog just couple of days ago and right after that, LAMB entered my blog for another blustering session. Most of the lessons and critic I got was regarding visuals and sadly, I can’t do much to improve. Other than that, had a lovely month of creating and implementing new features for the future. July was awesome also for the lovely comments people left here regularly, you know who you are, thank you so much!

What I learned: communication is the key!

What I was happy about: improving my content and style of writing (hopefully).

What might happen in the future: new features, more awesome stuff and a new theme?

Mission for August: finish what I started!

Blog of the month: Cinematic Paradox – seriously, she is amazing!

ReWind: June

Numbers: 100,000+ all time views, 5728 views, 191 average per day, 21 posts.

Summary: Turned out to be an amazing month. Started to communicate to other movie bloggers, mostly through LAMB and basically branched out. I want to give myself a prize for being quite consistent  with the posts this month – also ready to improve in July even more! Saturday Special post for my first blogathon’ was awesome to write but going to the movies in June was even better – 3 times total.

Lesson learned: Be yourself!

Biggest change: Outlook of the blog. And a logo!

Biggest surprise: Got a lot of comments.

Highlight: Going over the 100,000 mark.

June’s soundtrack: Carey Mulligan – New York, New York