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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Superheroes/Super Powers


Here we go again, my favourite week of Thursday Movie Picks, the Television Edition week which gives me an opportunity to put to use my extensive knowledge of TV shows. This week’s theme though is a difficult one, because again, there is always the chance to list all well known shows *cough* Marvel *cough* but where’s the fun in doing that!? Here are four less known television shows that feature various characters with awesome super powers.…

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# 127 – Misfits


Once in a while I stumble on a very good English TV-show that I really like, sometimes I watch it from start to finish, sometimes I forget it and move on. With Misfits I started watching it right when it fist aired, had to wait for the next episodes etc. The first season wasn’t therefore amazing but just a lot of waiting for just 6 episodes – but I still liked it enough to wait for the second season. I…

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