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Top 10 Live Performances of Amazing Songs That Blew My Mind

10 For 10 Mettel Ray

Ranking music has always been a great struggle for me (ranking anything is hard to be honest). It still is so don’t expect this list of favourite live performances to be a walk in the park for me. But I wanted to have something different during this 10 days and I figured a music break will fit perfectly! Since songs are so hard for me to rank, I figured live performances of songs I love will be a lot easier…

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# 47 – The Last Song


At last I got the chance to watch (listen) to The Last Song. Another movie that is based on a novel by the best selling author Nicolas Sparks. The big difference between this and the others (A Walk to Remember and The Notebook for example – one of my favorites!) is that this screenplay was partly written by Sparks himself  (and this other guy that has done nothing else but this screenplay). So the question that arises is that should…

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