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When Love Turns Rotten: Shameless


We all know that feeling of loving something to bits! We would think about that feeling, and those things or people would be constantly on our minds. We would wake up in the morning, and wonder when said object or subject of our love would be in our arms. We would feel empty without them, we would feel incomplete without it. I know that I have loved not only things but people with such capacity, but I also know that…

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Favorite TV characters: part 3

Extra Tv-show

The end of the Favorite TV characters is almost here and I’m thrilled to present the Top 10 supporting males in this post. I have to admit, I found it difficult to limit myself yet again but I also found out that some men I considered as leading males are actually supporters (mostly based on the Golden Globe and Emmy nomination categories): that allowed me to mention guys I missed out on in the first male post couple of weeks…

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