Hidden Gems: Michael Sheen

What a way to end January of 2021. I had a stressful month but more about it later on in February. Today we are looking into our first Hidden Gems of 2021 and let me tell you… it did not disappoint! Meaning I didn’t suffer almost at all. Michael Sheen has some good movies in his filmography and I had not seen many of them. So getting to see Michael Sheen in so many various types of roles (by accident) showcased his diversity to my liking. Oh and yes, I left it all to the last minute even though I planned to be much more organised in 2021. Sometimes you can’t have it all.

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# 283 – Jesus Henry Christ (Trailer special)

April 2012 was a month filled with school, and there is no hopes of fewer school stuff in May. Only exception is that I don’t have any lectures in May! So very many apologies to people who read my blog and have missed me in April. I doubt there are many but I secretly hope that there are at least a few.

April was, in some what, a slow month for movies and TV-shows as well. I didn’t watch a lot of things I wanted to watch and I developed a really bad case of cinema-sickness – meaning, I missed going to the cinema! I did go once, or twice even, but of course I haven’t posted about those movies yet. Hopefully I can get on track again and I will try to post every other day to make up the fact of being lazy the entire April!

First post of May, is old news I guess. The trailer for Jesus Henry Christ came out a while back and now the movie is out as well (April 20th). Haven’t seen it yet, IMDb’s score of 5,8 isn’t promising but I really liked the trailer. Besides, I like Toni Collette – I think.. I have mixed feelings about her but I like the whole idea of a child genius. And the title is catchy. So hopefully I am not disappointed in this one because it does seem to have smart writing (but that could also mean that all the great one-liners are used in the trailer). Dennis Lee wrote and directed this based on his short movie with the same name, which has had far better feedback.

Let me know, who have seen this, what did you think of this one (or the short)?