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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Oscars Winners Edition: Best Picture

Thursday Movie Picks

We are back at it again with Thursday Movie Picks. This is my fifth full year participating this wonderful series created by Wandering Through the Shelves and I don’t plan to stop yet. If you also want to participate you can find the 2021 list of themes here! As you can see from the title there’s an added theme going on in 2021, Oscar Winners. It will be definitely a difficult theme for me to navigate but let’s give it…

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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)


In an era where it’s almost impossible to avoid superhero movies and shows, Spider-Man: Homecoming finds a fresh way to portray a story of a superhero in the overly exhausting Marvel Universe. It adds a fresh take on the superhero phenomena, it brings us back to the excitement of having these superheroes exist, but it also asks us to keep our feet on the ground. And while I would not give Spider-Man: Homecoming the highest slot in my favourite Marvel…

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Birdman (2014)


For my first review of 2015, I’ll try to write about Birdman. This isn’t going to be as complex and interesting as the movie itself because that would be impossible for me to achieve. Instead, I’m going to praise its aspects that stood out without any spoilers because I went in almost completely blind and it blew me away!…

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