The Snowman (2017)

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An isolated house in the middle of nowhere. A boy and a mother occupy it. A man visits them to askĀ  the boy history questions. If the boy gets it wrong, the mother gets punched in the face by the man. The man fucks the mother, the boy builds a snowman before sneaking back into […]


Commercial Break #42

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This week, for some odd reason, felt rougher than it should have felt. I only had four days where I had to go to work, but for some reason these days managed to train me empty. But I won’t let it phase me, and I’m excited to have three days off to catch up with […]


Fish Tank (2009)

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Before you jump into a fringe about the fact that I’m reviewing this amazing film in 2012, keep calm – I have seen Fish Tank about three to four times and when I discovered I hadn’t reviewed it yet I was very surprised. The movie not only marks the beginning of my Andrea Arnold fascination, […]


Shame (2011)

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With all my heart and all my brain matter, I will confess loving Michael Fassbender until my eyes and ears can no longer enjoy his presence. Sounds a bit too dramatic? Alright, I will rephrase my thought: I think I love Michael Fassbender! Now as we have that personal and presumably very awkward moment out […]


Prometheus (2012)

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Ridley Scott is a name every person slightly interested in movies should have at least heard of, movie lovers should know it by heart and be able to list his movies in their sleep. But despite his long list of movies he has directed over the years, he has still not made it into my […]