Ant-Man (2015)


For the life of me, I can’t figure out my feelings towards Marvel’s freshest superhero Ant-Man. It’s not that I didn’t like the movie, I actually did, it’s not even about Paul Rudd because he, as usual, was lovable and hilarious, but there’s just that little part of me that thinks that the whole idea of an ant-sized superhero is just a bit silly. Not bad silly either, just funny silly, where you get to enjoy the idea but smile at its silliness afterwards.

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# 152 – Don’t Say a Word

Going through my original DVD collection I found this treat from 2001 with Michael Douglas and Brittany Murphy. The movie is a thriller and it comes as a surprise that it has the same score in IMDb as Life As We Know It. I guess the thriller/drama score ratings are much higher since there are so many great movies from that genre. But this movie deserves a better score not because it is a very good one but because it shows Brittany Murphy at her best.

The young actress died in 2009 and I can’t remember if I’ve watched any of her movies since, except this one. This one being a more serious role from her is far away from the break through portrayal of a sweet teenager in Clueless (1997). The last one is like a teenage movie of that decade, Mean Girls (2004) being the next and Easy A (2010) the latest in that kind of genre.

But not to make this postabout everything else but the movie I will give a short summary of the plot. Something gets stolen by Sean Bean but somebody else steals it from him and he of course wants it back (I’m talking about a ruby or something). Enter Michael Douglas who has a daughter who gets kidnapped and he has a certain amount of time to get the information from Brittany or else… The movie doesn’t have any twist nor turns, at leats I can’t recall any of those who play a key role in the whole plot at least. It is pretty much a simple information gets revealed and that is that so this might probably be the reason why it doesn’t have a higher score. A simple evolving storyline and a good ending – and that’s about it. All in all I would say it’s a 2 but since I feel a bit nostalgic about Brittany Murphy I will give it 3 out of 5 – it isn’t the fast and exciting thriller, more of a logical normal based movie.