Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Actors or Actresses Playing Themselves

I almost forgot todays post so this one is going to be a quick one. Luckily I thought about this theme last weekend and figured out two of my picks real quick. The third one was rather easy too because for one very memorable performance. But I especially love the actresses playing themselves part I picked here. Anyway I’m sure there are more roles where actors and actresses play themselves but these were the ones that popped into my mind first.

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# 237 – Superbad

In order to get back on track with my posting which has been slow for various reasons (which are probably named in a text on your right under “I’m sorry!”) I just thought to start posting like crazy this morning. Why today? Cause I’m in Viljandi and it feels like a prefect place to write. Besides I have a large cup of coffee next to me: so stopping isn’t an option.

Starting off with a comedy that I just recently stumbled on, not because I didn’t know about it, just because I finally got to see it. Superbad is the beginning of Seth Rogen, not his acting career which as you know started with Freaks and Geeks along side with James Franco and Jason Segel. Most of those who care to know are probably aware of the fact that all of these names mentioned represent some sort of a comedy type, including Jonah Hill and Michael Cera who play the leads in Superbad. It’s kind of a dirty comedy, silly but brutally true and the best way to describe this is to name a man who owns this type of comedy (not literally): Judd Apatow. So even before watching Superbad I knew what I was getting myself into and to be honest, I wasn’t as disappointed as I though I was going to be.

The story is about two unpopular guys, before their soon to be coming high-school graduation, who stumble into trouble when one of their mutual friends decides to make a fake ID and promises to buy alcohol. Things get even more complicated when a girl enters the picture (Emma Stone kicked off her movie career with this movie) and things get really messy. With foul language, dirty jokes and inappropriate story-lines Superbad is a nice entertainment for an evening. Would it be my favorite movie, probably not but it’s not because I don’t like it – I tend not to enjoy this type of humor more that once or twice with one movie. Other than that, Seth Rogen did a nice job that has earned him a 7,7 in IMDb and 3 out of 5 from me: because Michael Cera and Jonah HIll have amazing chemistry for a couple of guys.

# 117 – Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World because doing my paper on foundation of language didn’t sound very good two hours ago. So I spent my evening before my all-night-study-marathon watching this some what weird comic book movie which has a pretty decent score at IMDb (7.9), slightly lower that the other comic book hit this year, Kick-Ass. I have stated before that I didn’t enjoy Kick-Ass much, probably because of its moral code problems (a little girl taught by his dad kills men? – really!?). But I am happy to say that for me Scott Pilgrim vs the World was much better.

The story itself isn’t the reason why I liked it, I think that it was quite soft and not interesting at all but the way the story was built up was the key element here. There are so many movies with similar plots that do nothing for me because they are boring, yes the plot for Scott Pilgrim was rather light and not interesting but at least they had the curiage to do something with the style of the movie.

Sounds written on screen as words (“thonk”) is so old Batman but it worked so well for this one, and the elements of video games (sounds, elements, “getting a life”) were in my mind just in the right spot each time. They could have toned down the fighting effects which went a little over board at some moments but I get the fact that it needed some bigger and louder elements. There were nice jokes, mostly by Wallace who was Scott’s gay roommate played by Kieran Culkin. He’s role was refreshing and I haven’t really seen him for a while so I enjoyed that. Michael Cera was the lead of course and after Juno I even like his awkwardness but as Scott he was much less awkward but still as funny. Anna Kendrick had a light role as Scott’s sister and that guy from Jennifer’s Body named Johnny Simmons was there but nobody except Scott and his two ladies (names not important for me) and Wallace stood out from the movie. Oh wait, Chris Evans had a small role as well – I quite like him, he seems like a funny guy. (The guy who played Superman was there too, he had some bad hair and wore leather – what an upgrade from playing the Superman.)

So if you need some good time to get your mind off school work during exams and stuff, watch Scott Pilgrim vs the World – you might even enjoy the mad plot with cool visual effects and sarcastic humor – I did. 4 out of 5.