The Boss (2016)

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I like Melissa McCarthy. I think she is funny, she is a great actress, and she deserves all the attention she is getting! But, and this is not the first nor the last time I’ll be saying this, I don’t like her movies. Sure, some of her movies have been amazing, for instance Spy, but […]


Identity Thief (2013)

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Identity Thief marks the first 2013 release I have gotten to see and well, I’m just the opposite of thrilled of that fact. Seriously, what was I thinking with actually watching this movie when I’m well aware of my continues dislike towards the comedies Hollywood is proudly pushing down my throat? Who knows, because among […]


# 193 – Bridesmaids

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My latest cinema experience was the Hangover female version Bridesmaids with Kristen Wiig and Chris O’Dowd as the main couple. There were many other women in this one but most of them unknown except Melissa McCarthy who had the most uncomfortable role in this movie (and during her career I might add) along with her […]