Hidden Gems: Anne Hathaway

The movie challenge Hidden Gems starts off with Anne Hathaway. An actress who’s work I’ve enjoyed over the years but who has been in movies I’ve not liked either. She had a controversial vibe surrounding her during her Oscar campaign. Partly because there was just too much of her and apparently Anne Hathaway in small dozes is better. Also her Oscar hosting gig really didn’t do her any favours. Anyway, for this month I watched three of her movies I hadn’t seen before and two of them were disasters. As expected, Hidden Gems is basically a challenge where I torture myself.

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Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Place in Title

Here we go, first Thursday of 2019 is upon us like nothing has changed! Well, few things have changed – all new topics for an entire year and a new header image! I’ve been participating since mid 2016, so it’s been quite a while now. This series is probably the most consistent thing in my life, and makes Thursdays almost as great as Fridays. So here we go, let’s get the 2019 Thursday Movie Picks up and running!

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True Detective (Season 1)

True DetectiveNo spoilers, continue without fear.

I’m sitting here behind my computer, sipping blueberry tea and wondering how the hell did I just watch eight episodes of True Detective back to back and yet, have no idea where to begin the discussion on this HBO’s newest hit series. That’s probably the most excruciating feelings a blogger can experience, that of having so much to say that making sense would probably be a far fetched illusion.

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Short Thoughts on 7 Movies


While trying to pick out a movie I should review today, I discovered that there are so many movies I’ve seen and not reviewed that the pileup is almost unbearable. So, since I’m all for finding the easy way out from difficult situations, I figured I’d pile bunch of reviews into a big post and simplify my life, give a short overview of my latest cinematic experiences and get on track with my reviews: all of which constitutes as a win-win situation for everybody!

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MR. Awards ’14

MR. AWARDSWith all the Oscar predictions appearing in movie blogs, me not being very skilled at predicting things, and the Oscars being right around the corner, I decided to create my own awards! The bottom line is that I’ll hand out my choices for BESTs of last year’s movies and performances, and though my choices are a bit limited due to the quite small number of 2013 releases I’ve seen but there’s enough to hand out some great Mettel Ray Awards this time of the year.

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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

the wolf of wall street

Everybody was raving as hard as Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) on drugs about The Wolf of Wall Street for months before I even got the chance to see it and you can just imagine how bumped up I was prior to the opening monologue. The excitement continued, it kept my spirit high for quite long and though I consider it one of the good ones, best of the best, I can’t say The Wolf of Wall Street was perfect.

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Intro: True Detective


Sorry for the yellow frames around some of the images, no idea why that happened.

Get ready for the longest, most in depth intro post so far! No, I’m serious, I’m not even going to downsize the images, I’m going full out because that’s how beautiful True Detective’s intro is. No, scratch that, that’s how freaking epic the intro for True Detective is! I instantly fell in love and that’s why I threw my schedule out the window and decided to fit this post in this week. And in case you’re wondering, I love the show as well. For me it’s something between The Killing and Zodiac, with phenomenal performances by the two veterans of the business, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Also, it’s so refreshing to see big time movie actors return to TV lately (Kevin Spacey in House of Cards as well) which just goes to show how the quality of television has risen to a level of pure awesomeness. I’m just.. yes, I’m a big fan but I guess my endless rant here already hinted that.

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Killer Joe (2011)

KillerJoeWhere to begin? Honest to god, I don’t know where to begin with Killer Joe because the movie caught me by a surprise beyond surprises that I’ve been used to. Of course the fact that I stayed away from the Killer Joe’s trailer and everything plot related, even dismissing to read reviews other bloggers had written (sorry about that, I just didn’t want to ruin my experience which turned out to be a good idea) – without knowing anything, in other words being in a total abyss of knowledge, Killer Joe hit me in the face and I was positively shocked by the things I witnessed.

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Magic’s in the air!

The following post is about something that makes me giggle every time I think about it, soon it will be on the big screens and despite my strong humor against it, I’m probably going to watch it anyways. I mean, it is a movie that is deliberately made for women and the gay community, so how can I, as a member of the female population, deny them of my attention. Therefore it is quite the obvious situation, I am going to watch Magic Mike in the cinemas, I am going to enjoy it, I am going to talk about it afterwards and I am surely going to laugh about it before, during and after.

Concept of Magic Mike, if you still haven’t heard, is quite simple actually, an experienced male stripper shows the ropes to an inexperienced  stripper about everything from taking off the clothes, getting ladies etc. The casting is very six-pack-centered, which is expected when the characters are supposed to dance and entertain the ladies. Channing Tatum takes the lead, Alex Pettyfer takes the part of the novice, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer also join in and some female lead as well. While the movie itself is supposed to be slighlty based on Tatum’s own stripper career (I am not kidding), the casting of McConaughey seems brilliant. The guy is rarely seen wearing a shirt in his spare time, running on the beach, walking the dog and so on, but now he gets payed to do so. Matt Bomer throws away his clothes and I can assume that his casting was strategical from the point of view of the gay community, having straight guys strip is definitely great, but Bomer is a fantasy that serves a much more realistic base. Pettyfer is more of a hit and miss for me, depends on his character, if he is a bad guy then yes because he has that bad boy vibe but I am not sure he can act as much as he can show off his ripped body.

Before I continue, check out the trailer which pretty much tells the whole story anyway:


I just hope that the dancing will be good, Tatum can dance, but the other guys are pretty much a mystery because the trailer doesn’t give away much of the stripping and only shows the other stuff that is going to happen. As you can see, the new guy’s sister is a love interest! I bet you didn’t see that one coming.. or did you? I mean, you should have, cause what’s a stripper movie without some down to earth love story? Anyway, I forgot to mention that Joe Mangeniello is in it as well, I mean, since he rarely wears any shirts on True Blood, I guess he was another obvious choice for this movie.  I mean, seriously, what’s the whole idea of seeing this stripper movie, if all the guys in it are half naked on the regular basis anyway? I mean, all I can say is “Seen that, seen that, oh, and seen that as well and I guess I’ll see more of that on June 29th!”

# 234 – Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

This is another romantic comedy that brings you the unrealistic love-story with even more unrealistic built-up story to become the base of it all. So if nothing else comes to mind how to show the world another love-story gone right-made right then why not bring in some ghosts?

I’m not gonna write a post about a movie that was just a pass-time and not really interested me but I’m gonna just say that Emma Stone’s character was quite enjoyable and her performance was the most memorable of the entire movie. The lead character, Matthew McConaughey has never been my favorite, I don’t get why but probably has something to do with his whole persona. Jennifer Garner has had some great roles that I’ve liked and this one seemed familiar in a sense that it wasn’t a surprise her character was poised and mature.

The screenplay is actually written by the same guys who right after Ghosts of Girlfriends Past wrote and brought us Hangover. So the duo has some great chemistry, I just think that it was a good idea to move from romantic comedies to comedy in general. Maybe the whole story was a bit too shallow for my taste in a sense that I didn’t connect to McConaughey and his pulsing muscles like other some women do. So for me it is even hard to grade this one but I think that 2 out of 5 wouldn’t scare you away – just remember, I’m very critical of those romantic comedies and I rarely like them to begin with. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy it and I’m not gonna judge you for it – I remember a time when I lived off of romantic comedies, oh, that was a happier time.