Matthew Goode

Stoker (2013)

Over a month has passed since I wrote my last movie review and it’s the first one this year so obviously this is a very special post. So for a special post I have chosen a special movie and when I say this, I mean that Stoker is very special because ever since I watched it I […]

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# 285 – Chasing Liberty (2004)

For this review I am just going back in time, so it is kind of like a teen-blast-from-the-past. I saw this years ago, considering it is from 2004, it might have been 7 years ago which is quite a long time. That being said, I watched it again just to fill my mind with a […]

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# 3 – Leap Year

I remember when I watched Matthew Goode back when I had a Mandy Moore addiction (due to the tear-fest movie A Walk to Remember) in Chasing Liberty – “oh what a fine man” I thought. Well, years have past and Matthew’s still a fine man but Leap Year doesn’t even come close to Chasing Liberty. […]

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