The Final Girls (2015)

the final girlsFor a movie that was widely distributed as a straight to DVD movie, skipping the theater screenings outside festivals completely, The Final Girls feels a bit out of place in the best possible way.  It doesn’t scream DVD-release because it manages to be more smart, more intriguing and even a bit more qualified for the big screen than some of the bigger comedies out there. And that’s not even taking into consideration the funny and consistently talented cast.

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Made in Sweden

I have an hour before I’m heading to Malmö to see The Hives at the music festival (making it sound like it’s not a big deal while it actually is amazing! – editing note: I ended up not going after all but oh well) and I thought it would be great of me to ramble for Wild Wednesday about some of the Swedish things I like. There aren’t many but the ones I know are just amazing – all movie world related of course and a little musical treat in the end.

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Wanderlust (2012)

Call me crazy or just temporarily unhinged but yesterday evening when I decided to watch Wanderlust my intention to hate the movie fell flat. Was it offensive and outrageously abnormal in its illogical story lines and freaky characters? Yes. Was the acting on most parts just over doing the verbal insults? Yes. Was it all just couple of laughs during the whole movie? Yes. Was it pointless? Yes. But here comes the crazy: despite of all of this, I still found it lightly entertaining!

Much of the credit for my surprising position towards the movie (believe me, I am almost shocked!) is probably behind the love for the two main actors. Paul Rudd, who has done numerous movies with the writer and the director of the movie, David Wain, among the long list of collaborations with Judd Aptow, is the most likable person ever! I mean, even his very dirty and down to earth robust monologue in front of the mirror in Wanderlust was adorable because the guy simply can’t be offensive. Proof of his real life sweetness was actually shown in the blooper reel segment during the credits where he mumbled that he was grossing himself out. He was grossing me out too but in I good way I guess.

Second favorite is the Hollywood’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, playing Rudd’s wife and like always, her typical character as an appealing romantic lead with some slight nudity on her plate. So there is no surprise, although, is it me, or have Aniston’s characters gone from sweet and cute to a little bit more vulgar? I guess her Horrible Bosses role opened a few new doors for her. Anyway, this being said, she was like every other character she’s previously put on the screen but I like her that way. Knowing what you’re going to get when she is in the movie is some what a down side but meanwhile it’s kind of a consolation as well.

Other memorable roles include Aniston’s real life partner Justin Theroux, as a villainish man, and Malin Akerman, who is yet again the sexy other woman. So from the point of view of the casting, it all falls into the pattern of familiarity and it’s playing it safe. As far as the plot goes, the main couple ends up at this hippie community, where all those weird people with those quirks that belong to those types of living situations, are like a one big family. While it all is held together with two parallel story lines it falls a bit short from the perspective of telling a realistic story because I have trouble believing that forgiveness is that simple. Though, I guess Wanderlust isn’t about that deep real stuff but mainly an attempt to make people laugh which on some level actually works out.

Humor in comedies is starting to become my enemy, it has been made into this constant need to curse at everything and with every possible ways. Then there’s the disgusting things like not cutting the umbilical cord and walking around with it (seriously, that happened!) and old nude people running around – why? Am I the only one who thinks those type of “laughs” are ridiculously cheap and hardly worth watching again? I’m guessing that I’m not the only one based on the fact that Wanderlust fell short in the box office with getting only $21 million while the budget was a whopping $35 million. Which is a high fall from Role Models (Wain’s previous movie) that crossed the $92 million bar.

In the beginning of the post I mentioned that I actually enjoyed it. Well, the entertainment factor was probably a temporary fluke but I guess those types of comedies are only  effective when you have that mood. Luckily for Wanderlust, I was in that type of a mood but now as I had some time to think about it while writing this post, I am lowering my opinion just a tad.

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#240 – Wanderlust (Trailer special)

Another trailer special brings us the duo that we have already met – Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd star in Wanderlust as a couple who are forced to move out of New York and go far away from modern society. Some of you who are familiar with the movie world know that this isn’t the first time Aniston and Rudd play together: in addition to Friends they also portrayed friends in The Object of My Affection (1998) – both happen to be one of my favorites. So it’s no surprise that I have high hopes for this movie – high-high hopes!

Anistons boyfriend Justin Theroux also stars in this one (well this is awkward), Malin Akerman, Lauren Ambrose and many other familiar faces as well. David Wain is the director of this movie written by him and his collage friend Ken Marino. It is also a part of Judd Apatow’s production – Wain has worked with Rudd before, so has Apatow: apparently these men really like themselves some Paul Rudd and honestly – so do I. And I’m getting myself some Rudd when Wanderlust opens on 24th of February.


# 227 – The Romantics

The Romantics is a movie packed with well-known names which really doesn’t make the movie any better. My issue with it is mostly the writing or the story in general which is probably why I actually can’t remember anything nice to say about it.

Katie Holmes plays the lead character, a broken down woman who is in love with her ex (Josh Duhamel) who is going to marry her sister (Anna Paquin). I’m not gonna lie, I dislike Katie Holmes cause she isn’t what people call a chameleon – she stays in a safe box and portrays characters that are so similar that I think that she is just like the people she portrays. Same goes for Josh Duhamel although this was a more serious role for him that he kind of pulled off. Anna Paquin was a place filler and still managed to steal the thunder from Katie.

Other characters were their friends, two married couples who had this weird scene that looked so unbelievable in a sense that all that couldn’t happen like it did. Too unreal. Although it was nice to see Malin Akerman and Adam Brody together, they seemed adorable but I didn’t enjoy the story-lines they had to play out.

So a lot of bad things to say about The Romantics but I’m pretty critical today. On a lighter note, there were moments when the whole vibe of the movie was pleasing. I enjoyed the scene where Anna Paquin was waiting for her sister and friends by taking sips of alcohol and eating candy. It seemed so polished which made it look a bit funny but sad as well. So yes, the movie had its moments but the overall story was a bit shaky and I can’t even remember what happened in the end so it is also forgettable.

IMDb gives it a solid 5,2 which is okay I guess but I’m throwing it with a 2 out of 5. Probably due to the fact that I’m not in a mood for romance and this movie just reminds me how everybody and every love story is bad and actually, this movie didn’t have any healthy relationships at all. I guess that made it a really unrealistic movie – not everybody needs to have a broken relationship. So all in all, The Romantics forgot to show me the romance.