The Final Girls (2015)

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For a movie that was widely distributed as a straight to DVD movie, skipping the theater screenings outside festivals completely, The Final Girls feels a bit out of place in the best possible way.¬† It doesn’t scream DVD-release because it manages to be more smart, more intriguing and even a bit more qualified for the […]


Made in Sweden

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I have an hour before I’m heading to Malm√∂ to see The Hives at the music festival (making it sound like it’s not a big deal while it actually is amazing! – editing note: I ended up not going after all but oh well) and I thought it would be great of me to ramble […]


Wanderlust (2012)

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Call me crazy or just temporarily unhinged but yesterday evening when I decided to watch Wanderlust my intention to hate the movie fell flat. Was it offensive and outrageously abnormal in its illogical story lines and freaky characters? Yes. Was the acting on most parts just over doing the verbal insults? Yes. Was it all […]


# 227 – The Romantics

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The Romantics is a movie packed with well-known names which really doesn’t make the movie any better. My issue with it is mostly the writing or the story in general which is probably why I actually can’t remember anything nice to say about it. Katie Holmes plays the lead character, a broken down woman who […]