Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Films Directed by a Female Director

I had this brilliant plan to watch 52 movies directed by women in 2020. I even made a Letterboxd list. Well, this year has not gone according to plan so I will be trying to finish my list by 2021. At this point (at the end of November) I’ve seen 19 out of which two are co-directed with men. It’s not a lot and it’s a shame but I feel like giving more attention to the lack of female directors in the industry will eventually push the needle to the middle. Netflix could start by giving some of their movies for women to direct. It’s not much to ask, okay!?

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Lady Bird (2017)

Loved by many, Lady Bird was high on my anticipation list for quite some time. I expected it to be an indie gem, thought provoking and filled with great performances, and to be completely honest, it met all my expectations. I’m a sucker for teen dramas, and even though I dislike annoying protagonists, Saoirse Ronan in the middle of Lady Bird and its atmosphere,  all just worked.

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