Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Romance Tropes Edition: Friends to Lovers

Did I forget? Yes. Did I still have 50 minutes of Thursday left to pen and post this? Yes. So here we go. If it feels like I’m not making sense it’s because I rushed through this like crazy. I need to start scheduling these things. Anyway we have friends to lovers trope for this weeks romance theme. Friends to lovers is not as tasty as enemies to lovers but it’s still sweet. Though again, I like the contrast more than I like the sweet progression from friends to lovers but why am I spending so much time on this when I only have 48 minutes of Thursday left. Here we go.

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Against the Crowd Blogathon vol 4

Another year, another Against the Crowd Blogathon hosted by Dell on Movies (and co-hosted by KG’s Movie Rants) and there’s not chance I’m going to miss this one! Last year was a close call, I discovered it almost at the last minute but still made the deadline. This year, I’m more prepared and I even asked if it was happening before they announced it! Yes, I was that eager to participate! For those who are new here, Against the Crowd is a special blogathon for me because it’s the one I’ve participated every year since it started – I am that dedicated for it! So let’s get going, first the rules and then the two picks I decided to either argue against or defend for!

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