Seven Movies I Want to See This Year

In the beginning of the year, I shared a two part post highlighting 40 movies of this year that I caught my eye, and now, my list has significantly narrowed. Not only have I lost interest towards some of these movies, but due to my own schedule, I know I can’t manage  to see all […]

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My Current Watchlist

Last week Sofia over at Film Flare posted something similar to what I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for quite some time now but I wasn’t sure how exactly it was going to play out. Inspired and fueled by Sofia’s post, I set out to gather all my to watch movies from all […]

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Fifty-Two Wishes

I was being my usual self, creeping around on blogs and then stumbled on Cinematic Corner’s 50 Wishes post. Some of you might remember this, it was almost 2 years ago and inspired by Southern Vision’s post but obviously I had somehow missed it. But the idea is still great and since nothing ever dies […]

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