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Haven’t done one of these posts in a while, mostly due to my own laziness but also because I have been struggling with finding awesome things to read. Not that people don’t write them, it’s because I try to avoid reviews of movies I want to see and I’m quite behind on the cinema front so hence my lack of links these past weeks. Today I thought that since so many of you have given me a shout out I feel like you deserve one as well. Couple of trailers have also caught my eye although I also keep away from most of them due to the inability to create trailers without all the punch lines in them.

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Since I had a busy Friday which led into a long night, I’m quite tired at the moment but still eager to give you guys some information about this week. It yet again has been super slow, don’t know why but I guess everybody has taken the last weeks of summer off – except me, kind of, and are hopefully returning in September. I need me viewers back, it is getting lonely!

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Right at this moment, I’m giving myself a great big hug because I blogged every day for two weeks!! I would so shout out some happy word or something but I caught a cold and literally can’t talk because my throat hurts like there is no tomorrow. Luckily, the blog requires no talking and just writing – that I can do in any condition!

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Probably one of the most intellectual movie related weeks passed by in a blink of an eye. I’m especially thrilled that I didn’t only post every day, I actually managed to read and view a lot of things related to movies and basically had a blast. Hopefully this will continue on to be a good month filled with many interesting links and videos!

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Linked 29/07

This week has been quite busy and I haven’t been around much. Despite that, I had some awesome reads this week and they all happened to be from the same girl. Cinematic Paradox went all out this weekend and posted four lists that made my days a lot brighter. I myself didn’t do much writing but I managed to watch a movie and get started with my Breaking Bad marathon. Now as the next week starts, I’m heading to the seaside for couple of days but hopefully I will be productive on Monday and draft next week’s posts.

Cinematic Paradox made her 10 favorite directors, 10 favorite male performances, 10 favorite female performances and 20 favorite movies all based on 2011 and they are definitely worth the read.

This week’s best new blog is Cinematic Corner – love the visual outlook.

Week’s music favorite from Hanna (2011):