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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Adaptations

Thursday Movie Picks

Just like last year the final month of the year starts with a Thursday Movie Picks theme that is basically like the widest net you can throw: adaptations. Most movies these days seem to be adaptations of books or comic books, and the other half is remaking old classics. This is an exaggeration of course but you get my point. The theme is too wide so I narrowed it down to one specific literary genre. Then I realised I put…

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Killer Joe (2011)


Where to begin? Honest to god, I don’t know where to begin with Killer Joe because the movie caught me by a surprise beyond surprises that I’ve been used to. Of course the fact that I stayed away from the Killer Joe’s trailer and everything plot related, even dismissing to read reviews other bloggers had written (sorry about that, I just didn’t want to ruin my experience which turned out to be a good idea) – without knowing anything, in…

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TOP 10 SPECIAL: Year 2012 highlights – part 1


As you can see, this is the beginning of a set of TOP 10’s that will appear until a new year will come along (today, tomorrow, 28th, 31st and January 1st) and everything starts all over again. To say at least, I’m very excited to end off this year and also welcome new beginnings: 2012 has been extremely amazing! To celebrate this occasion I decided to put together five lists of things that I missed, I loved, I loved some…

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