Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Movies You Have a Different Opinion After Rewatch

I really really love this week’s theme! Because I love the idea of how time can change our perspective and our view on something. For this week, there are two ways to go, movies we loved but disliked after a rewatch, or movies you hated and ended up loving after a rewatch. Or maybe there’s a third option? Find out which way I went with it.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Video/Arcade/Board Game Movies

Alright, so continuing with the general theme of games this week (last week it was toys), the focus is on video, arcade and board games. Now, I struggled with this a bit because I had one recommendation in my mind but past that, I had to think really hard. And alright, I had to go through my Letterboxd list because I couldn’t think of any. But in the end, I did it, and I actually have an extra special recommendation for a movie that won’t come out until 2018!

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