The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

the hunger games mockingjay part 1

In case you are stumbling on this blog just now, know that I’m a big fan of The Hunger Games franchise. I loved the first movie when it came out, I loved the second one even more and no amount of drama with Lawrence could have kept me away from the third installment. Therefore, you can imagine the little old me anticipating this one with quiet anticipation until I had to endure two hours of almost nothing because why make one when you can make two!

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Making a Case for Mockingjay

mockingjay part 1A year has gone by in a blink of an eye, and The Hunger Games franchise will soon release its newest edition, Mockingjay Part 1. I remember it like yesterday, the first time I saw Catching Fire and the feeling of content that followed me after I walked out of the cinema. That feeling stayed with me until I watched it for the second time, just as mesmerized, just as happy about it as I was with the first viewing. Now, as life has progressed and fame, media and some questionable acts have done their part, I’m making my case of support for Mockingjay.

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Intro: Detention

When I called this feature Intro, what I actually meant was of course “opening credits” and it’s simply a nice excuse for me to put together a visual post once in a while. The other day I discovered that so far I’ve focused entirely on TV-shows (The Walking Dead, Master’s of Sex, True Detective) and their brilliant intros, so I decided it was time to shake things up a bit.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

Catching Fire

The truth is, I am a huge fan of The Hunger Games franchise and the excitement is not wearing off any time soon either. I’ve read the books, second being my favorite of the series, and I’ve seen the first movie more than once. Therefore, it was pretty much given that I was going to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on its opening weekend and now, almost a week later, I think I’m still not able to contain my thoughts into a coherent sounding review but I’ll try to do my best. And in case you missed the POW popcorn rating, I freaking loved Catching Fire!

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The Hunger Games: the book vs. the movie

I am going to sound like a complete teenager but I was looking forward to see The Hunger Games so badly that I was bursting with excitement. Before the movie hit the cinemas, I was determined to read the books. Although I spent 3 days reading 3 books in January, I remember all of them like it was yesterday. Same goes for the movie, that I watched twice. To be fair, I never got on to the Twilight wagon and I missed the train of fan-girling over Pattinson and Stewart, so it was just my time to get crazy about something. Just that my crazy is much more normal because I have so many movies and shows to go crazy over.

So my question that I asked myself was probably something a lot of the Hunger Games fans asked themselves: was the movie as good as the book or vice versa? The matter of making a book into a movie is quite the process, but I found it interesting and refreshing that the author of the book was actually the person writing the script for the movie. I thought it to be a good sign because she will stay true to the main concept and keep everything important in the movie while being able to make honest cuts regarding the story lines.

Book was great. Like the typical American teen-entertainment book should be and I didn’t mind it at all. It kept me awake until the morning and I was cheering on in my mind for the main characters Katniss and Peeta. Where as the girl was a bit confusing, her choices and thoughts a bit messy but over all it all was just a great love story between the two. Movie left it all a bit shallow. But I hardly find it possible to create something which took over 300 pages to evolve. Putting all that into a movie would be a challenge, there was a lot that was missing from the story which could indicate that the people who saw the movie without reading the book were confused. Movie was divided into groups of events: the reaping, the training, the arena. While Jennifer Lawrence who portrayed Katniss was amazing, able to show emotions instead of Stewart, Josh Hutcherson’s Peeta was at times doubtful. While the simpatico part of Peeta was believable the other, the scared and worried Peeta, was constantly holding his mouth opened, which for some reason bothered me way too much.

What the movie did, was the fact that it made it all visual and the concept of Capitol became more understandable. Of course I was trying to imagine everything while reading it, the Capitol part was the only thing where I found my imagination lacking, so for me the movie brought it out much more than the book ever did. Lawrence was perfect for Katniss, while Peeta in the books was a bit different. Though the difference between Peeta and Gale, portrayed by Liam Hemsworth, was brought out rather well regarding the casting. Other characters were not as important to be, the trio played the main role in the books and in the movies, though the castings for others was fair and understandable.

When it comes down to preference, I would go with the book for sure. Not because the movie was bad, it is probably because the movie required too much context from the books to work as good as it did. Filling in the caps was probably the main point of the movie, especially when it came to the thoughts of Katniss as presented in the book. That being said, I was glad that the movie didn’t go with the voice over. That could have lowered the quality quite a bit because like I’ve heard, using voice over means going for the easy way out and the writer and the director, Gary Ross, were brave enough to go with the direction they did. Now as the first movie has died off, the second part is surely heating up and it will be interesting to see what the new  director will do because Ross won’t be returning. Not to mention the casting of new character, especially Finnick who might be the most difficult to cast.

And like I said in the beginning, I am fan-girling over The Hunger Games pretty hard, so there is no doubt that I am waiting for the Catching Fire, which is scheduled to be released in November 2013. For those who haven’t read the books, be sure to at least try because you’ll never know if you’re going to like them or not. If not, at least you’ll have solid arguments against it.

# 277 – Bridge to Tarabithia

Since The Hunger Games is coming up soon and since I went into a fangirl mode after I read the books, I decided to watch some of the movies featuring the cast. Just to do some background work and Josh Hutcherson was the first victim. He is maybe best known from the movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) or The Kids Are All Right (2010). I had also heard of Bridge to Tarabithia, back when I was working in the video-store, I constantly saw the cover of the DVD and I thought to watch it but it happened just a month ago. Yes, I am that behind.

Bridge to Tarabithia is originally a book by a woman who’s son made this movie – so it is made with the utmost care. Reading the background I got a bit sad, it is a sad movie as well. I liked it in a way that it is a very great kids movie about friendship and imagination. All together with some laughs and some cries, I would definitely consider this as last decades My Girl movie. God, both are extremely sad children movies, the latter has a lower score in IMDb though – in case you were wondering.

Next to Hutcherson, AnnaSophia Robb and Zooey Deschanel are also in this movie. Hutcherson portrays a boy, Jess, who comes from a big and not so wealthy family, where he has to manage with his older sisters and his younger sister May Belle who is a big fan of Jess. Then a new girl (Robb) moves in next door, rich family, an only child – and they start to hang out in Tarabithia which is the imaginary world that they share with each other. A very cute relationship develops and almost turns into something extra special although Jess actually thinks he has a crush on his teacher portrayed by Deschanel.

I am not gonna give away the ending but if you have been paying attention you probably know what is going to happen. Anyway, though I am no child I thought it was a cute movie and the imagination part of the movie really brought me back to my childhood. Oh, the better times…