400th blog post celebration

400 might not be an important number to some but for me it actually is somewhat special. I have been waiting for it for quite some time now actually, the big round number of 400. Seeing the number getting closer and closer just made me realize that I’m almost at 500, then, soon I will be a 1000 and then.. I don’t know. Okay, I might me exaggerating because getting to 400 has taken me almost three years. On this rate, it will take me forever to get there but I’m ready for the ride, it’s been so fun so far! As the number got closer, I thought why not celebrate it with something special since I haven’t done it with my other hundred posts. Plus, I had a lot of time with all my school work, deadlines, additional obligations and an up-coming trip… Kidding but I still had a lot of fun putting the alphabet together, had some issues with couple of letters because some didn’t have enough options, some had too many. To be fair, a lot of my favorites were left out but overall, I think it worked out well. It consists of movies, directors, actors and actresses who’s lives revolve around movies.

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Looper (2012)

Let me set the mood: it’s another Friday evening and instead of wasting it at home, brave little me went to the cinema all alone to see her boy kick some time travel ass. I was expecting sci-fi, romance and action (as it was promised to me by somebody I can’t remember) and after 10 minutes of commercials it began with a familiar voice reading the premises of the movie and I loved it already. To be fair, I’m a big sci-fi fan and I call Joseph Gordon-Levitt “my boy”, so it is difficult for me not to love Rian Johnson’s Looper to a point where I call it my favorite of the year.

This post does contain spoilers so proceed with caution.

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(Joe x Dita) + me

I woke up today to the coolest e-mail – I was literally web noticed this week for my Joseph Gordon-Levitt post! Melissa from The Confluence contacted me to let me know that Flaunt and Dita Eyeware have a video of my boy and they would be glad if I’d share this with my readers. First off, I’ve seen the video so that just proves how stalker-ish I actually am, second of all, the video is kind of awesome and it features Joe so – I see no reasons why not to post this video on my blog.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/49610280 w=500&h=281]

Dita x Flaunt x Joseph Gordon Leavitt from The Confluence on Vimeo.

PS: Am I now a certified stalker or something because when one starts getting e-mails regarding post about a certain fellow in Hollywood then that means I have made an impact just by talking about him, right? Have any of you guys received such notifications because it’s a first for me!

Tuesday Treat

With all these new Joseph Gordon-Levitt movies coming out I can’t help to get overly excited every time I see him on a cover of a magazine. Plus, I can’t help myself to show off my boy every time I get a chance to! What about you, are you looking forward of seeing Premium Rush (if you haven’t yet), Looper,  Lincoln and the 2013 comedy written/directed/acted by Joe himself?

The Dark Knight Rises

And the time has arrived, I’m now finally posting a review on this summer’s most anticipated movies. To give you an idea of my struggles to write this post, just know, that this is the third draft for The Dark Knight Rises. It was and still is difficult to form precise thoughts on Christopher Nolan’s end to the Batman trilogy and possibly the end of the best Batman story ever told. Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about writing this review for weeks and every time I try to analyze the movie I get stuck in this area of vague feelings flouting around. From the moment of walking out of the cinema up until now, I have been certain that I liked the movie rather than loved it but with every draft I keep confusing myself and these vague illusions of “loved it” keep popping into my mind so, even after almost a month of contemplating my feelings about TDKR I still have no idea, if I like it a lot or love it.

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# 261 – Hesher

As far as debut films go, Spencer Susser created a fine piece of screen work when he wrote and directed Hesher. Like I said last year (in the 50/50 post), Hesher is among my favorites and there are various reasons for this notion.

The plot of the movie is quite dark – a young boy T.J. (Devin Brochu), in the center of it all, has lost his mother and in some ways, his depressed father (Rainn Wilson). There is some slight attention from his grandmother but it is clear that he is the loner type. He meets Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in an unfortunate situation which leads into the long-haired homeless man almost beating him up in a parking lot. But no movie is complete with a woman, Nicole (Natalie Portman) jumps to the rescue and there is no doubt that T.J. develops a fondness towards her.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Hesher

This might be the whole plot but Hesher’s unpredictable characteristics lead him to hide out at T.J.’s house. His father and grand-mother pretty much accept him (in some ways) and so does the boy – although it is obvious that nobody can really like Hesher. So while the story unravels and the characters evolve, Hesher stays in the center of these events and causes some trouble on his own. I have no real idea what Hesher is really thinking, I doubt that he himself knows, I doubt Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Susser even knew – that what the character is best described with. The unexplained actions, the unpredictability of his ways and the things he says. It is some what clear that he does like the grand-‘mother and displays affection towards her the most but other than that, he is the unconventional hero of the movie that just happens to step into the families life.

Devin Brochu and Natalie Portman

Hesher has a great cast, since I like Gordon-Levitt and his body of work his portrayal of Hesher is some what perfect in my eyes. Although I do not care for Portman, she manages to bring something to the table and since her character is unpleasant (she does something that makes T.J. mad) it is really easy to imagine her in this role from my point of view. My favorite moment is the end, the final monologue by Hesher and the action that follows it – I am not gonna spoil it but I can definitely say that the end of the movie is in its black-humor ways just a cherry on the top for the whole experience.

  • The main reason why I liked it – the randomness of it all, the unexplained and the dark humor it ended up displaying. And of course Gordon-Levitt might be a slight part of the reason why I enjoyed it so much – 4,5 out of 5.

# 256 – 50/50

I have been on a little brake of blogging for various reasons but it takes a little bit of Joseph Gordon-Levitt to get me inspired again. Not only did I watch 50/50 but I also took the time to enjoy something more special called Hesher. So in time you will probably hear more about the last one but before that a short review of 50/50.

Written by Will Reiser and slightly based on his own life experience, 50/50 brings you a story of Adam (Gordon-Levitt) who finds out he has cancer. Leading a healthy life up to that point, the idea of having this life altering disease is hard for him to grasp, not to mention for his mother (Anjelica Huston) who already is struggling with her husband having Alzheimer’s. As Adam battles with the idea and the cancer itself, his best friend Kyle (Seth Rogen) and his girlfriend Rachael (Bryce Dallas Howard) try to support him. Adam is also obliged to seek help from a psychologist named Katherine (Anna Kendrick) who has her own challenge of being a young doctor.

50/50, directed by Jonathan Levine (The Wackness, 2008), is an interesting movie in a way that it has such a rough but still a simple story. It is a joy (from the movie-experience point of view) to watch and the fact that it is easy to connect with it makes 50/50 particularly good. While the whole plot is about fighting cancer and the struggles that it places on the person, the realistic aspect is brought on the screen by very good performances: Gordon-Levitt yet again does not disappoint and when his chemistry with Seth Rogen is best described by a scene where Adam cuts off his hair in front of Kyle, the most exciting scenes are between the main character and Anna Kendrick.

There are couple of moments in the movie where I laughed cause the whole scene reminded me of situations from my own life and I think it is the whole idea of 50/50. Those little moments where for instance Adam is cleaning out Kathrine’s car connect the characters with the audience cause while it is such a simple act it represents much more from the point of view of fighting something like cancer. I’m not gonna put a lot of ideas in your heads, because I think watching 50/50 has to be an individual process, but there are a lot of scenes which show (on some level) the concept of “being able to do something”.

There is no surprise that I liked the movie and it is definitely one of my favorites this year, so a solid 4 out of 5 suits this movie very well. I think this score might make more sense after I write/you read the review of Hesher cause at the moment I am comparing those two in my head (probably because of Gordon-Levitt) so the final score for 50/50 was a bit lowered due to this fact. So there is a little spoiler of the up-coming review of Hesher as well but the post will still end with some stills from 50/50.