Let’s Talk A Bit About the 2019 Emmys

Well, well, well. It was an important day for television yesterday, when the Emmy awards were given out to the best of the best. I did not watch the Emmy award show itself but I did read through the list of winners, and spent way too long staring at those daring red carpet looks. So I figured I’d talk a little about it and share some of my thoughts about this year’s Emmy awards.

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Tune In For : Thirteen


Spoiler free post.

This year has been sort of slim-pickings for me in terms of new shows and new onscreen obsessions. I have dropped many of my previous shows, and picked up only a few and it has been quite liberating to have less TV time during the week. But when I saw a summary of Thirteen, a new British mini-series, I was all in before I even saw the first episode.

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My Mad Fat Diary (Season 1)

My Mad Fat DiaryIf you do not take into account the fact that sometimes they kill off characters way too lightly (Downton Abbey), or that they make you wait for the next season what only seems to be forever (Sherlock), or that they might ruin the entire show after its third season (Misfits), British do get a lot of things right. My Mad Fat Diary is no exception! With its fresh take on teenagers back in the 90’s, the show tackles serious problems relevant nowadays through the eyes of a very sarcastic and funny girl named Rae.

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