Favourite Performances of Immoral Characters

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Recently I was slapped in the face by the Internet being stupid, which is something I rarely comment on because I know it won’t help. BUT when Sam Rockwell’s winning streak is being criticised, with arguments that he plays an unlikable character Dixon, who represents everything that is wrong with our society (a racist and […]


Now You See Me 2 (2016)

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I can sum up Now You See Me 2 with one word – disappointment. Disappointment that I didn’t like the movie, and that it’s such an unsuccessful attempt to recreate the appeal of the first movie. Most importantly, it’s that disappointment towards the writers, who clearly think I’m stupid.


# 155 – Zombieland

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I have now gotten over the movie drought which meant that I didn’t watch any movies these past two weeks – I don’t know what happened. Maybe the fact that the Apple trailer page didn’t inspire me to watch any movies, the trailers have just died or something. But it seems that there are a […]