Wind River (2017)

I’m going to start by admitting that this is not the first time I’m sitting down to write my review of Wind River. It’s the third time, and technically the fourth, since the first time I tried, I didn’t actually get past the title. The heaviness of the film, the impact it had, it still weighs on my heart, and to express myself through these feelings is much harder than I anticipated. Here are my thoughts, scrambled and incoherent, about one of the more emotionally heavier films of 2017.

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Arrival (2016)

arrivalLet me just sit here and contemplate on how wonderfully insightful a movie about aliens could be. How it could ask difficult questions, how it can educate and teach us about the importance of language and science without making it too futuristic. Let me just sit here for a moment before I manage to put Arrival into words that would perfectly reflect my state of awe.

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Captain America: Civil War (2016)

captain america civil warDespite my advantage to see Captain America: Civil War before America, it has taken me ages to just get myself focused enough to sit down for its review. After seeing it, and after seeing it for the second time, I have collected so many emotions and thoughts, that it has proven to be difficult to focus my head around the idea of writing them all down. But here’s to attempting the impossible!

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Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Avengers Age of UltronWatch out for spoilers.

Going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron was a world wide event – everybody went, you went, your mom went (probably), your best friend went, your best friend’s friend went to see it twice and yet, I would say it might not have been worth it. Sure, there were great moments here and there but as a whole the second Avengers lacked the upmh (it’s a technical term!) it needed.

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The Avengers (2012)

June has been an extremely successful month for my cinema addiction, not only have I seen three movies, two of them have been quite the hits and like with everything, even the luckiest movie lovers get a miss sometimes. There’s a long list of movie reviews I have yet to write, but no worries, they are all on their way, including some certain shows that I need to talk about and actually watch because I’m falling behind on things. Even my summer is so hectic that the few shows that I love happen to be lost in my weekly schedule – not for long, Sunday will be entirely reserved for them!

Enough of this chit-chat and let’s get down to a more serious topic and that of The Avengers! Can’t stress enough of the fact that I am a big Marvel fan and here’s something that supports this well known fact.               “Hey, look, it’s Iron Man!”

Well, now you know, I own a really awesome shirt and it will explain a lot of things I’m going to share in this very superhero filled movie review.  The Avengers has so many favorites of mine that I was especially glad that I saw it on a big screen with my best friend who gets all the jokes and shares all my excitement when it comes to Jeremy Renner wearing really tight pants (I’ll explain later). For the most part, the movie was totally unknown for me because I had stayed clear from everything related to it, including the trailer. That not only helps me to enjoy the movie more but it also allows me not to know the whole story before I actually see it: trailers do tend to give away way too much. In the end, when the final-final scenes of the movie had finished I was glad I skipped everything regarding The Avengers because seeing it without any knowledge about the punch lines probably made the whole movie better.

The entire plot revolves around the chemistry between all these superheros. Really. Everything in The Avengers seems to happen around these guys (and one lucky lady) and their relationship to each other. Captain America, who I know as Chris Evans wearing a tight outfit, is in a fighting relationship with Iron Man, who is Robert Downey Jr wearing a robotic suit and an ironic attitude. They also had a three off with the hammer dude called Thor (Chris Hemsworth), who despite his anger towards Loki (Tom Hiddleston), his step-brother and the villain, wants to reason with him – oh, and they are both gods. Everybody is a bit afraid of the scientist (Mark Ruffalo) who might get angry and turn into a big green thing still wearing his pants. Then they have the good-turned bad-then good again guy (Jeremy Renner) who can aim perfectly because he has a hawk eye thing going on and who secretly loves and is loved secretly by the teams only woman (Scarlett Johansson) who has some really strong hair (I wonder what kind of conditioner she uses).

No, I’m not mocking the movie, far from it, I’m just enjoying it that way because although superhero movies are prone to violence and action, they do have the element of humor in them. Comedic action movies, that’s what they should be called and The Avengers is a great example of that new genre that is gaining its success. Add some of the biggest names in Hollywood (at the moment) to the cast list and you got yourself a movie that gets fans into the cinema like a porch light attracts moths. (Wow, I was really poetic for a second there, must be the chocolate chip cereal I had in the morning.)

So the main plot comes to the surface after the Captain America movie and possibly close to the whole Loki being punished by Thor and all the previous superhero movies, including Iron Man’s two movies, the endless Hulk movies where all the Bruce Banners look different and that’s about it. Every superhero in this one has already appeared in a Marvel movie one way or the other and there is no way they stop with these characters any time soon. Not only are they great way to earn money but the IMDb score of 8.6 on The Avengers pretty much says that they are putting money in their pockets in a great way. Making good entertainment and giving us what we want to see. Iron Man being all ironic and funny, a superhero with an attitude is superb! Captain America hasn’t been in the present for a long time but he has his moments and not to mention the whole brother issues between Thor and Loki. Is it just me or is Loki the most lovable villain out of all the Marvel ones? Or is it just the Tom Hiddleston’s charm that gets me every time.

Although Loki is the one causing the main end of the world situation in The Avengers, the team itself is so mal(e)functioning that the problem at hand gets out of their hands. But in the end they all together save the world, not even sure who gets the most spotlight in this situation because everybody does something. If I had to pick, I would say Iron Man was the coolest out of them all with his knowledge in science and the ability to blow up the bad guys Loki “hires”. And he has the funniest comebacks and punch lines, although he does get a lot of awesome guys to help him and a girl. I keep forgetting the Black Widow because I want to, never really cared for Scarlett Johansson which would be an unpopular opinion. I do like her strong hair though – and I can’t get over that one. Her thing with Hawkeye was also mainly enjoyable because of Renner.

The Avengers’ success is hidden behind the comedy, at least for me. I guess it’s the fact that the action part is typical for any action movie but the comedy might come off as bad or not be present at all. That’s not the case with this one though, everybody made at least one joke. Even The Hulk, who didn’t do much except literally ruin things, got a comedic scene together with Loki. So all that humor and smashing put together and I have a great cinema experience in my mind! Besides, the movie had Jeremy Renner who is turning out to be one of my favorites and not only because he wore some really tight pants in MI: 4 and did some exercise moves while having his back turned to the camera (very nice angle, Mr. Renner), but because he is good. There’s a reason he is the main guy in the next Bourne, the next MI and Hansel in the newest fairy tale turned action movie (just like Snow White is suddenly all bad ass and does no cleaning and cooking what so ever!) Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Now as the superheros are so awesome, all the fairytale characters want a piece of the action, literally. But no thank you, I’m sticking with the real heroes!

PS: Joss Whedon, if you happen to read this post, I’m just going to let you know that I think you & The Avengers are awesome and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

# 282 – Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

With all my seriousness I am going to post my first review this April, and no Fool-day’s jokes from my part – not amused by this day at all. But that aside, I watched the fourth installment of Ethan Hunt’s mission which happened to be yet again impossible. I was a bit cautious with this one because I had heard good things, IMDb revealed it to be the best MI so far but I was warned that the last 5 minutes will ruin the entire movie: a lot of pre-information to go on but to be honest, all three arguments were kind of right.

The basic plot fell on the nuclear war codes that a bad guy had stolen and now Ethan and his team of experts (Renner, Pegg and Paula Patton) had to get them back. Only that there was no IMF anymore and they had to do it all by themselves. The movie had several plans, none of them seemed to fall through like planned but like a typical American hero story – happy ending must be extra happy! Meaning that the 5 min warning was actually very right and I should have skipped it, they made it too over the top.

Anyway, the movie had some awesome action sequences before they decided to go with the happy ending. One of them was Ethan running on the side of a building, the other was the sand-storm scene which was refreshing and awesome at the same time and the last one belongs to Renner and his air-tunnel ? scene were he cannon-balled himself! So yes, action was great and realistic while being visually amazing, would have been great to see it in the cinema for that surround-system-audio-effect as well. Writing, dialogs and the monologues were not appealing for my taste but maybe it was because both writers happen to have a lot of experience writing TV-shows and MI 4: Ghost Protocol was their first movie. The men are André Nemec and Josh Appelbaum who might be familiar as the writers for Alias and creators/writers for October Road. The script wasn’t the key excitement in this, although couple of jokes (from the funny British guy) made it a bit better but in a general sense I found it a bit off. Surprisingly, the director was basically a newcomer as well, it was his first feature film! Previously he has directed only animated movies such as The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille.

Considering the facts, MI 4 was quite the movie in its behind the camera list and I can’t help to wonder that the success will lead to the fifth movie as well. A little bit of research and it looks like it: in this case the leading role might go on to Jeremy Renner. Who knows, it might even work but Jeremy Renner is already the NEW lead in the Jason Bourne series: wouldn’t that be .. weird? And what is going on, is he the stand-in for all the action-hero-agents now?  Because it sure seems so!

PS: Tom Cruise looked taller in this movie.

# 270 – The Bourne Legacy (Trailer special)

It has been a long time since I have done a trailer post so I decided to brake the rut with The Bourne Legacy which follows the three first ones this summer, August the 3rd. This is also based on a book but it has a different author, another difference is the main character who is apparently not Jason Bourne but Aaron Cross portrayed by Jeremy Renner. Also in this are Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton! I’m not gonna lie, Edward Norton is the number one reason why I want to see this.

Tony Gilroy is behind the camera this time and is also the writer like previously. Although I am probably gonna miss Matt Damon I hope the movie manages without him – based on the trailer it seems better than the forth Mission Impossible. At least the trailer looks more interesting, changing the main character promising and Edward Norton is awesome!


# 188 – Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (trailer special)

It has been almost five years since Tom Cruise had a mission that was impossible but it seems that he has found a new one, the fourth movie of the MI saga is called Ghost Protocol but I doubt it has anything to do with ghosts. By the looks of the trailer it seems that it is a typical action packed movie with Tom climbing something (again) and winning the heart of a beautiful woman (probably). For the director and the screenwriter (Brad Bird and Josh Appelbaum) this is the first time they are working with a mission that is impossible so maybe it would be some what different than the others. The cast has a promising outlook as well, Tom Cruise of course is Ethan Hunt hunting the bad guys, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Josh Holloway are also in this: making it a rather decent muscle (except for Pegg) show. Do I think it would be great? No. Do I think it would probably draw out a lot of ticket sales? Yes. Is it going to be worth it? Depends – if you want action, this is it, if you want substance, this is not it. But we’ll find more out on December 16th, 2011.


# 131 – The Town

I haven’t seen a good action/drama/crime movie for a while (if I don’t count re watching The Departed) but The Town changed that – actually it didn’t 100% change it but it had some good moments. The whole story itself was rather not so good because I didn’t like the main characters! If you do a movie about bad guys they should be much more likable but I wasn’t excited about Ben Affleck at all! Jeremy Renner was the bad bad character and Jon Hamm from Mad Men was the good guy. Of course there were women involved, a blond and a brunette – Blake Livley and Rebecca Hall.

Point of this whole movie is … let me think about it, what was the point? A group of bad guys robbed banks and money trucks (because they owed some other big bad guy some favors or something) and then one of them fell in love with the woman they held hostage. FBI mean while tracked down the bad guys and wanted to bring them in (it’s his job you know!). Then the end action and then – nothing. I mean the bad good guy Ben Affleck gave his money to the ice rank and the woman but that was it – everybody died or went away or nothing happened to them. It doesn’t have a bad rating in IMDb, I mean 7,8 is rather good but I do that, I pin point things I don’t like in movies that are good but not great.

Ben Affleck isn’t my favorite but he has done some great work – I’m thinking about the beginning of his and Matt Damons career Good Will Hunting. This time Ben Affleck wrote with another guy and sat in the directors seat to get the maximum experience – wrote, directed and played the lead – a bit creedy isn’t it Mr. Affleck? But besides my personal thoughts on Ben Affleck I think he did a good job, not great, simply good enough to stand out from the less than avarage crime movies. 3 out of 5 for this one guys, why? Because I expected more from Ben. And I’ll try to perfect the point system this year, this one is getting old really fast.