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The Hunger Games: the book vs. the movie

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I am going to sound like a complete teenager but I was looking forward to see The Hunger Games so badly that I was bursting with excitement. Before the movie hit the cinemas, I was determined to read the books. Although I spent 3 days reading 3 books in January, I remember all of them like it was yesterday. Same goes for the movie, that I watched twice. To be fair, I never got on to the Twilight wagon and…

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# 264 – The Hunger Games (Trailer special)


So I wanted to do this trailer post cause I’m now really excited about this movie. I started to read the book yesterday before I went to bed and basically finished in the morning and it was just the nicest read over a long long time. Anyway, the movie has two main characters, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). They take part in the hunger games in this alternative world where there are 12.regions of which all of them…

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