Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Lust

This year Thursday Movie Picks has a cool theme running through – the seven deadly sins! We look at the well known sins and we recommend movies like always. It’s going to be so much fun to see how people interpret these sins and I’m for one am thrilled for the first one: lust! I’m interpreting lust as cheating and by using my stretched out imagination, I managed to find three Scarlett Johansson movies to recommend this week. In other words, this is a theme within a theme week where ScarJo is the deadly sin of lust.

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Stuck in Love (2012)

stuck in love

Movie titles that indicate the fact that the movie is going to be all about romance scare me, so Stuck in Love pretty much sounds like a nightmare to me. Yes, I’m one of those romance hater types and nobody should ever invite me to the cinema to see a rom-com – even the idea of it makes me a bit dizzy. Then again, I always say that one should watch bad movies to recognize the greatness in the good ones, so even I have to find some courage and watch a movie about romance at some point. So I did, I was super brave and finally watched Stuck in Love – and since my life is a big pile of irony, I ended up liking it.

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