# 220 – Premium Rush (Trailer special)

This is no secret that I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I have pretty much seen every movie he has been in. Since Inception I’ve been looking forward to his new action movie Premium Rush that opens on January 13th and might be a really good one. Although they like to make the trailers like short movies which give away basically the whole story-line I still think I will end up liking it. Not sure how the characters’ story lines are gonna play out but hopefully Premium Rush would be another addition to my Top 10 list.

Besides Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Chung this movie doesn’t have familiar on-screen names to me. But the director and co-writer David Koepp has done a lot of movies (he wrote Spider-Man) so I have high hopes towards the production (writing/directing) and I’ll find out if I’m right about Premium Rush or not. Meanwhile I have this trailer to keep me interested:


# 164 – Sucker Punch

So I finally went to the movies again – yay for that. A big slap for the movie choice though, Sucker Punch managed to be an absolute storyline failure. Though the visual and musical aspect of it all saved it a little bit for me. But watching this at home in front of a small 12 inch monitor (my laptop which is my main movie provider) would have been a disappointment. Though Zack Snyder is good.. 300 was pretty awesome. But not all twisted action movies have to be good to the core.

The story itself was about this Baby Doll (this was her name, literally, this was the only character name she was given) who ended up in a mental facility because she accidentally killed her sister after their (her) parents died. Then she ends up in this alternative universe where she is a dancer who is to be sold to the highest bidder but while she dances she ends up in the third universe where she is a warrior some sorts with her other dancer friends: Sweet Pea, Rocket and a brunette who’s called Blondie and the fifth was Amber. Which makes total sense because all the white girls got like code names going on and then the Korean is simply Amber. That’s just.. not to say that the movie is racist but just pointing out the interesting connection I made there. The sexy actresses playing the mentally ill/dancers/warriors were Emily Browining (Baby Doll), Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea), Jena Malone (Rocket), Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie) and Jamie Chung (Amber).

I don’t know what was with the different levels of consciousness and how one can shift to another world just by dancing but that aside.. the whole point was just too lucid for me. It was said in the beginning that they need five things – a map, fire, a knife and a key. The fifth element was supposed to be a  mystery. But surely I was thinking that Baby Doll was the fifth and like always with these predictable things, I was right. And the girl who actually didn’t want to be apart of it all got out. Later on they poked Baby Doll’s eye out but when I wanted to see the empty dark eye socket I couldn’t because the eye was there. And in that moment.. I didn’t like the movie and that is that. Why do something and then make it like it never happened. Was it to play with our minds like the end of Inception? To think of it, it did remind me of Inception a lot of the times.. but just a poor version of it – like a basic treasure hunt or something. With girls fighting in high heels – cause they are so comfortable!

Anyway, a 2 out of 5 for it cause it sure did look like a decent movie with the visuals (probably would’ve been even better as 3D…) and the opening song is on replay since I started to write this review. At least something good came out of it.