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# 220 – Premium Rush (Trailer special)


This is no secret that I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I have pretty much seen every movie he has been in. Since Inception I’ve been looking forward to his new action movie Premium Rush that opens on January 13th and might be a really good one. Although they like to make the trailers like short movies which give away basically the whole story-line I still think I will end up liking it. Not sure how the characters’ story lines are…

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# 164 – Sucker Punch


So I finally went to the movies again – yay for that. A big slap for the movie choice though, Sucker Punch managed to be an absolute storyline failure. Though the visual and musical aspect of it all saved it a little bit for me. But watching this at home in front of a small 12 inch monitor (my laptop which is my main movie provider) would have been a disappointment. Though Zack Snyder is good.. 300 was pretty awesome.…

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