Fantastic Four (2015)

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That grand moment when rebooting a movie by re-telling the superhero origin story will pay off did not happen this time – fact! There maybe was hope but it was pointless to think that Fantastic Four with a fresh cast would elevate this particular franchise to new heights and bring some joy. If anything, I’m […]


Commercial Break #30

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Images: 1) Jamie Bell by Sebastian Kim, 2) * by unknown. Relieved, I sit at my old room, typing away while the smell of coffee lifts my spirits as the first day of my five day weekend has been going extremely well. I’ve typed up three reviews, started with the fourth and now aiming to […]


Man on a Ledge

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Let be start by saying that I had set high hopes for this movie after I saw the trailer. Looked very Phone Booth type of a scenario with some extra action on the side. Turned out, only thing in common was the fact that the events were focused on a certain area of the city, […]


# 269 – Movie x 3

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So I have been totally not blogging again, I don’t know why this keeps happening because I certainly have enough to blog about. But to make the “coming up” list a bit lighter I decided to kick some movies into one post. The movies I chose are made a decade ago or even more than […]