Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four

That grand moment when rebooting a movie by re-telling the superhero origin story will pay off did not happen this time – fact! There maybe was hope but it was pointless to think that Fantastic Four with a fresh cast would elevate this particular franchise to new heights and bring some joy. If anything, I’m disappointed and sad that I even, for a brief moment in time, thought that maybe it will be good. Oh how wrong was I…

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Commercial Break #30

commercial break 30Images: 1) Jamie Bell by Sebastian Kim, 2) * by unknown.

Relieved, I sit at my old room, typing away while the smell of coffee lifts my spirits as the first day of my five day weekend has been going extremely well. I’ve typed up three reviews, started with the fourth and now aiming to finish this Commercial Break in less than an hour. The motivation is running high, my spirits are even higher and I’ve got an amazing weekend planned with movies, books and the dreadful moment of finally finishing Parks & Recreation. If this is not bliss, I’m not sure what is.

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Nymphomaniac: Volume II (2013)

Nymphomaniac volume IIThis post has  spoilers.

After seeing the first part of Nymphomaniac, I was very much focused on the follow-up being better and more out there but it was soon clear that Volume II would not succeed where the first volume had. To be fair, this movie should be viewed as a whole, as it was intended, and splitting it in two might have taken from the second that power caused by the first part. In other words, due to the volumes being shown so separately (in my cinemas), the first felt more powerful while the second simply become disconnected from the stand-point of emotional repercussions.

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Man on a Ledge

Let be start by saying that I had set high hopes for this movie after I saw the trailer. Looked very Phone Booth type of a scenario with some extra action on the side. Turned out, only thing in common was the fact that the events were focused on a certain area of the city, I wanted more though.

So on the context of the idea, the movie would have been rather brilliant IF they had done it a lot differently! I am not an expert, far from it, but the problem I had with Man on a Ledge was that it didn’t fit the thriller part. Seriously, IMDb has categorized it as a thriller for the obvious reason of having just one explosion and few moments of danger for the main character which is far from an action movie scenario. But a thriller, I am going smart-ass for a moment and quote Wikipedia: “Thriller is a broad genre of literature, film, and television programming that uses suspense, tension and excitement as the main elements.1” So, we’re supposed to have the three underlined feelings during a thriller, I had none of them after the event of showing who the main character was. Seriously, a strange man walks onto the ledge, about to jump, is a great idea – but then, right in the beginning showing all the back story of how he got there is far from exciting. It doesn’t create tension, it takes it away and the only suspense that I got was the scene with Jamie Bell and the hot girl almost getting caught.

Another interesting fact, the most successful thriller world wide so far has been The Da Vinci Code – what are the key elements of that movie/book. Not knowing who the bad guy is! Man on a Ledge kind of gave everything away, it seemed that they played their cards all at once and hoped we’d be still interested in playing the game. So it definitely doesn’t work as a thriller but could it shadow itself as crime? My opinion, NO,  if I had anything to say about it. Because if you take a person who is for instance a big fan of Criminal Minds, who is me, and saw its two episode season finale, you would say that “THAT WAS CRIME!” because it was brilliant! (I am going to do a short review on it as well, so get your crime-face on.) The big difference between the latter and the former was logic and continuity. Man on a Ledge had a very low element of logic while the story itself was all over the place.

But not all was bad, the most rewarding for me was Jamie Bell, who was just good to look at, I mean at least he had the decency to cut his hair to look camera friendly. On the other hand, the idea of a man on a ledge still stays appealing for me, just the way this was written, directed and acted was very disappointing.

# 269 – Movie x 3

So I have been totally not blogging again, I don’t know why this keeps happening because I certainly have enough to blog about. But to make the “coming up” list a bit lighter I decided to kick some movies into one post. The movies I chose are made a decade ago or even more than that. This feels ridiculous to say that a movie made in 2002 was released a decade ago! Anyway, I had seen all these movies before and I just wanted to go back to them for various reasons.

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Se7en (1995) – #26 in the IMDb Top 250 movies!

We all know who David Fincher is right? Cause he has so far given us Fight Club, The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo US to name a few. But back then, in 1995 he had so far done only Alien³ and Se7en was his second feature film. I went back to it for couple of reasons. Fincher was obviously one of them (because I planned to see his latest movie which I did) and the other was Brad Pitt due to his Oscar campaign .

There was no reason to be disappointed, Se7en was a good thriller that was exactly how I remembered it. I was not sure about the whole plot but I knew what was coming in the end which was kind of sad because I would have liked to enjoy it by not knowing. To say vaguely, Se7en is a story of an about to retire detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman) who gets his last case with a new detective Mills (Brad Pitt) who just moved to the city with his wife (Gwyneth Paltrow). The serial-killer they are hunting is a total madman portrayed by the amazing Kevin Spacey – that man is just all aces in my book – and his villain was great.

Murder by Numbers (2002)

Compared with Se7en, Murder by Numbers can’t compete but I think in some ways it is a must-see in case you are a) Sandra Bullock fan or b) Ryan Gosling fan. Though I think I like Bullock more in her romantic-comedy roles because for me she is too light to pull off the dark detective type. While I was quite okay with her portrayal of Mayweather she was outplayed by Michael Pitt who doesn’t have to do much to look dark. But Ryan Gosling was of course the first reason I went back to this movie cause I saw the commercial on TV and I thought why not visit this movie once more.

Giving the twisted teenagers another angle, the two high-school teens plan the perfect murder. Gosling together with Pitt (who really embraces these kinds of roles – see Funny Games) plan it out and make it happen, you will know how the killing unfolded right in the end when Mayweather discovers the truth. Of course if you are a true crime lover you will anticipate the ending because it is textbook but sometimes a textbook storyline is good for you – sometimes.

Billy Elliot (2000)

I wanted to do a post where the movies are listed based on the year they were made but I decided I wanted to end with a brighter note. Billy Elliot sure is a bright note, this is not only a British must-see coming of age movie it is also something that represents two great beginnings. One of them is a directorial debut by Stephen Daldry who has since directed The Hours, The Reader and also Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close which I am going to see very soon! The other is the actor debut of Jamie Bell who plays Billy Elliot, the aspiring ballet dancer.

Though nominated for 3 Academy Awards, it did not win any of them but that doesn’t matter. Billy Elliot is just a nice and a sweet movie to see. Although there were times when I thought that Billy wants to tap-dance I guess I can’t really pick on those moments because he was just portraying his emotions through dance and I guess he felt like kicking. Yeah, now it makes more sense to me, after I thought about it. As for Jamie Bell, well he sure was great as a kid and I keep waiting for him to take another lead role in a great movie. Until then, I am waiting for Man on a Ledge where he has a supporting role. PS: The ending of Billy Elliot is just so strong and powerful that I didn’t want it too end!