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You guys are getting two Blindspot posts in a row, today and tomorrow! You could say I planned this as a nice surprise, but it’s just my way of getting on track again. After a not so good April, I’ve decided to put an end to my lazy blogging days, catch up and get back in the game. First up, Blindspot for April, Rear Window!…

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BOT: It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Classic Movie

BOT stands for Back on Track and this is the feature’s fourth post. Since I started BOT with quite an ambitious plan, I had to prepare a lot because I tend to have these moods where I don’t feel like writing at all. So in the fear of forgetting to watch a BOT movie or not being able to write something about it, I watched this ages ago!  I will say this, it would have made a great Christmas movie,…

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