Hidden Gems: James McAvoy

Barely scraped through with this month. Reason? I realised on Friday that the end of the month was approaching and I hadn’t even thought about Hidden Gems. Luckily I had the weekend off so I was able to watch all three movies in 2 days. All for James McAvoy – the charming Scottish man who I’ve always liked. Will the three unseen movies from his filmography be all worth it? We shall see.

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Split (2016)

splitreviewI recommend turning around in case you have not seen Split, because I’m going to spit out spoilers around every corner. It’s going to happen. I can not not do it without spoilers. So go ahead, leave now before I ruin the fundamental key element of cinematic brilliance that Split just created to every movie lover out there!

Seriously, I truly hope you have seen Split in case you’re going to continue because this is going to start off with a spoiler ….

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# 196 – X-Men: First Class

I finally watched the latest X-Man saga which technically is the first one – the story of how it all began starring James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. McAvoy portrays Charles Xavier who is the good and Fassbender is the young Magneto. It’s funny how they both get a long in the movie, as two friends, brothers even and it makes the other movies rather interesting.

Despite the action and the explosions, I mostly enjoyed the story-lines although there always could be much more to a story but here’s a short summary of all the plots that the First Class had (one sentence summaries).

James McAvoy – a mind-reader who has an inner strive to find all the mutants and show them the “way”.

Michael Fassbender – a human magnet who looks revenge for his mother.

Kevin Bacon – who wants a mutant world while Fassbender is out to get him.

Zoe Kravitz – a butterfly who hasn’t got a back-bone.

Jennifer Lawrence – a body-shaper who is in love but makes the wrong choice in the end.

Nicholas Hoult – a smart animal who can’t accept himself.

And in short, this was the movie – every little story-line that had some meaning to First Class and some I even enjoyed more than the main story. Putting that a side I think that the cast was better than I imagined, I kind of enjoyed the McAvoy and Fassbender together – they make a lovely couple. As for the points, it’s hard to say cause I waited for this so long and no after all that waiting I seem a bit disappointed but not enough for a low score. I’m thinking 3,5 out of 5 for movie itself but 4 out of 5 for the cast – I just can’t help myself not liking the guys being all mutated and all – just lovely.

# 178 – Gnomeo & Juliet

This one I saw like a million years ago, at least it seems like it has been that long. The whole reason why I watched this was because I really like James McAvoy and he was the voice of Gnomeo while Emily Blunt was Juliet. Like the name of the movie implies, the story is about Romeo and Juliet as gnomes – I have to admit, it sounds clever. Gnomeo is the prince of the blues and Juliet is the princess of reds. This is just like in the original story, they fall in love, the families have a long history of feud going on they fight and stuff but the end is a bit different. The end is less tragic and more like happy and stuff – surprise surprise.

It is hard to say anything about this animation because it lacked those unforgettable characters and bunch lines, like for instance I still remember the Ice Age’s “Fish!” moment and Shrek’s “In the morning, I’m making waffles!” – those are some really good moments and to be fair, I don’t remember anything specific about Gnomeo and Juliet. This said, I would think that this animation is quite average and is not as entertaining for adults as for instance Ice Age and Shrek could be. So from me 2 out of 5 for this one and mostly because of James McAvoy’s and Jason Statham’s voices that were like honey to my ears.

# 124 – Arthur Christmas

“Polar bear..in a hat!”

You know how I sometimes say that the trailer is badly made (because most of them are), well – animated movies are different that way because they give themselves the opportunity to do something extra as a trailer. Like with Despicable Me and the “mooo”-toy – it wasn’t in the movie but it was freakin’ hilarious! And Arthur Christmas is an animated movie that comes out on November 2011 (quite a long wait) but has already managed to make a trailer.  James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie and Bill Nighy are just some who have given voices for this movie – don’t you love James McAvoy, I think he’s dreamy. But I’m a fan of the English so I can’t be objective about that,  oh well. This is a very good trailer though, a funny trailer, a “I want to see this movie now” trailer: