Jake Gyllenhaal

# 140 – Love and Other Drugs

Second movie I had a pleasure (and I really mean pleasure this time) to watch at the cinema these past two weeks was Love and Other Drugs. The movie that I was waiting patiently for a while now didn’t disappoint me actually, this might have been the best romantic-comedy I have watched in a long […]

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# 105 – Source Code

[youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKtr9ZAooc8″] Jake Gyllenhaal’s romantic comedy Love and Other Drugs is coming out in November 24 but today I found the trailer to his newest up coming movie Source Code. First of all – a machine that can put you in another man’s body 8 minutes before his death? How.. interesting. Then, he of course falls […]

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# 59 – Love and Other Drugs

Five reasons I want to see this movie: 1. Jake Gyllenhaal! – ever since Brokeback Mountain I have loved him! 2. Anne Hathaway! – she seems so carefree and fun in this one! 3. Based on the trailer it seems to be a decent romantic comedy – since there hasn’t been a good one for […]

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