# 140 – Love and Other Drugs

Second movie I had a pleasure (and I really mean pleasure this time) to watch at the cinema these past two weeks was Love and Other Drugs. The movie that I was waiting patiently for a while now didn’t disappoint me actually, this might have been the best romantic-comedy I have watched in a long time! It might be too much to some, cause there is a lot of sex scenes and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!

But the story itself was surprising because not all was told in the trailer and I really didn’t read much about the movie – they probably didn’t advertise the part that came as a shock. A very nice twist to the story, a very logical reason to fit the typical romantic-comedy moments into the screenplay – the meet, the split, the reunite – you know the deal. Usually the split is so unrealistic that it makes you think if their love is even real, but this one kind of seemed something that was coming up as a logical moment that was supposed to happen. I am not making sense right? I’m sorry, I can’t give away a lot of the story but I do have couple of things to say.

1. Don’t really watch it with the family, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are naked a lot in this movie – and not because they live in a universe that didn’t have any clothes.

2. There is something you should know about Jake Gyllenhaal, his butt looks better than his face.

3. Anne Hathaway might have been the little innocent princess when she was little but she is all grown up now.

4. The story includes the beginning (because apparently this movie takes place in the past) of the little blue pill that changed the world – Viagra.

5. Despite being a story placed in the past (also based on a book – everything is lately) it looks very modern and fresh. To be honest, I didn’t even notice it before Viagra came into the picture because it was the story how it all started for the small pill.

6. I think that the chemistry between Anne and Jake was believable and they where comfortable with each other: while wearing clothes and while not wearing clothes.

7. The best “I love you” – shockingly surprising and funny – nicely played!

All in all, all good things I think – and based on other romantic comedies, this ranks high for me – 4 out of 5.  Here are also some stills from the movie and two shots of Anne’s flat – I think it’s homey in the tortured-artist-waitress style way. Yes, it is messy but it suits her character – you’d understand after you see the movie.

# 105 – Source Code


Jake Gyllenhaal’s romantic comedy Love and Other Drugs is coming out in November 24 but today I found the trailer to his newest up coming movie Source Code. First of all – a machine that can put you in another man’s body 8 minutes before his death? How.. interesting. Then, he of course falls for the woman who is the body’s wife and wants to save her (played by Michelle Monaghan) – obviously they end up together or she turns up to be the bad “guy”. Either way it seems that this movie is trying to be Inception and all of those smart computer movies (Eagle Eye and  Echelon Conspiracy – which are actually the same movies with different titles) all crammed into Face Off and that Chris Pine train movie that is coming out soon. I have no idea if this movie would be able to stand on its own but I have to admit, the trailer doesn’t seem that bad. On the other hand, usually the trailers end up being the whole movie with out the final “surprise” moment – who is the bomber? (I bet they suspect the “oh so obvious guy” and it ends up to be somebody totally opposite to that, like it always is.)

# 59 – Love and Other Drugs

Five reasons I want to see this movie: 1. Jake Gyllenhaal! – ever since Brokeback Mountain I have loved him! 2. Anne Hathaway! – she seems so carefree and fun in this one! 3. Based on the trailer it seems to be a decent romantic comedy – since there hasn’t been a good one for a while I have set all hopes on this one! 4. Good writing – based on the scenes in the trailer the script doesn’t look stupid, hope the whole movie has the same feeling. 5. Gabriel Macht – he isn’t in the trailer but I hope he has a big role in the movie because ever since Because I Said So  I have loved him!