#MettelRaySe7en: My Movie Alphabet Vol 2

While there might be some things that never change, we as people still constantly evolve just like the world around us. Our thoughts, our tastes, our opinions – with every new grain of information something in us could change completely. We might idolise someone one minute and cringe our noses at their stupidity the next, we might find a movie absolutely brilliant, only to fall out of love with it two years later. And it’s fascinating to see and compare our present to the past, which is why I had this crazy idea to compile My Movie Alphabet Vol 2, almost five years after I posted the first one. To see how I’ve changed… and how much I’ve stayed the same.

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Mt. Rushmore of Four Characters With Great Beards

It has been… well let’s just say it has been a long time since I last participated in a blogathon and I think it’s time to do one. More specifically, it’s time for Two Dollar Cinema’s Mt. Rushmore of Movies Blogathon! Here you have to choose top four anything cinematic, from 4 favourite villains to your top 4 childhood television shows, the possibilities are endless! And with such grand freedom, of course I had to carve four epic beards into my Mt. Rushmore of Movies.

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Enemy (2013)

enemyWhen I went into Enemy, I knew a few things. I knew I was going to enjoy Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance, and I knew that I was going to see a very meaningful movie. I also knew it wouldn’t be easy to understand, and it would have hidden meanings. What I didn’t know, was that this movie is based on José Saramago’s novel, and that it has one of scariest jump scares I have ever encountered.

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2014 in Retrospect: Part 3

only love

When I thought about how my 2014 in Retrospect will eventually turn out, I figured there should be a special post for my favorite people as well. Just as there are many good movies and shows, there are also amazing actors and actresses whom I loved this year the most. Granted, many stood out at the end of the year where the movie brilliance peeked for 2014.

Here are 10 people that stood out for me in 2014 !

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Commercial Break #15


Me and grumpy-Jake bring you some holiday cheer and hope you all enjoy Christmas! Though it is custom to give gifts to each other, I’m giving you a Commercial Break instead. It’s partly because I would have no idea what to get to you guys and partly because I have tendencies to ramble way too much for my own good. So, Merry Christmas! and happy reading!

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Commercial Break #13

commercial break 13My recent trend of watching only good and/or great movies has lead me to a situation where I have too many movies to talk about, and not enough words to express my enthusiasm about them. So, obviously, to escape this unfortunate situation, I’m bringing you another Commercial Break because me needs to calm the fuck down, and get things out of my system before throwing out a review after a review in the upcoming weeks.

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Nightcrawler (2014)


After almost five years of blogging about movies and TV shows, you would think I’ll be skilled enough to sit down behind a computer and write a review in a blink of an eye. That is not the case, it’s rarely a case with okay movies and it’s an even rarest occasion for the movies that are brilliant. In my experience, it is simply so much harder to focus your thoughts and emotions with movies that have managed to crawl under your skin because you want to mention everything. Every scene, every moment, ever line delivered with perfection is note worthy… so today, I want to write about everything that is Nightcrawler.

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# 199 – Source Code

This one man show starring Jake Gyllenhaal is like the budget version of Inception. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing to make movies about the consciousness but Source Code was – I don’t know what. Honestly, I liked the beginning of it, the whole “I’m-in-a-wrong-body-must-save-world-by-finding-bomber” thing but when he saved the day he then decided to make something else happen and I really didn’t get that.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a soldier who gets badly wounded and then the government recruits him for the “Source Code” project which basically means his subconsciousness is put into a dead man’s body. He is dead but he isn’t yet, before he dies, he has a certain amount of time to locate the bomber (he fails the first time and tries over and over again). He then of course falls in love with the woman sitting in front of him while keeping in mind the fact that he is somebody he is not and trying to save the “world” while not being able to save her. So far I get it.

Then, he finds the bomber and decides to go back to that train to “die” with her or something cause the train doesn’t explode and he and she walk away into the “sunset” together and the next thing you know is that he has prevented the train being blown up in the first place and his body is still there (what’s left of it) very much alive. Then, they lost me.

It amazes me that Source Code has a score 7 in IMDb because I’m giving this a 2,5 out of 5 – maybe it’s me and my hate for these types of hero stories where he always has to get the girl (why?) and everything has to be good in the end. For the love of god, it’s an action-thriller movie, why not kill somebody!? Even the half-dead soldier that Gyllenhaal was portraying was breathing in the end, still able to do his Source Code missions! Don’t be afraid to play it the hard way, just shoot somebody!