Intro: Se7en

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Time to revel in the awesomeness of opening credits: Se7en is one of Fincher’s best and its intro is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I mentioned in my Gone Girl post that I wanted to share this with you but before I get started, I want to warn you that this is probably […]


Intro: Detention

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When I called this feature Intro, what I actually meant was of course “opening credits” and it’s simply a nice excuse for me to put together a visual post once in a while. The other day I discovered that so far I’ve focused entirely on TV-shows (The Walking Dead, Master’s of Sex, True Detective) and […]


Intro: True Detective

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Sorry for the yellow frames around some of the images, no idea why that happened. Get ready for the longest, most in depth intro post so far! No, I’m serious, I’m not even going to downsize the images, I’m going full out because that’s how beautiful True Detective’s intro is. No, scratch that, that’s how […]


Intro: Masters of Sex

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Though I haven’t caught up with the series itself, I’m already loving its intro – I was waiting for an intro for the first two episodes and then finally they delivered. It is a dream for a person who loves symbolism because the whole intro is filled with small bits and pieces that pretty much […]


Intro: Sleepy Hollow

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The fact that I haven’t posted for almost two weeks makes me anxious and since a lot of work and school work is demanding my attention (in addition to Scandal which is taking over my life), I can’t seem to find time to write a review. Solution? Yet another intro post and this time around […]


Intro: The Newsroom

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Instead of writing a really good introduction to this post, I’m just gonna say that I love The Newsroom and I couldn’t be happier about its second season. Surely it doesn’t have the impact it had during the first season where many globally known issues were discussed throughout several episodes but it still has the […]


Intro: Hemlock Grove

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Last time I did an intro appreciation was last year (so far there have only been two: Homeland and The Walking Dead) so it was about time I brought back this visual feature; and upon seeing the newest Netflix original series Hemlock Grove, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to share its opening credits. Though I’ve […]