Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Scientists

We are back to our non-horror related themes and first up it’s scientists! I could think of no better topic for this week because this I can very well connect to sci-fi and well, sci-fi has all kinds of scientists, right!? I mean, I don’t even have to think of a theme within a theme for long because here it is – space scientists. Came up with that in the time it took me to write this intro.

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TDL’s Alphabet Movie Meme

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So Monday was the big day, I had a big Christmas party at work and the Breaking Emotions Blogathon closed up. To be honest, the blogathon participation was better than I expected but I must have underestimated the commitment of blogging since I myself have somehow fallen into the trap of struggling to find time to write blog posts. That being said, I figured what better way to say farewell to a blogathon than to take part in an Alphabet Movie Meme by Katy from The Drama Lama.

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