Logan (2017)

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The last time I enjoyed an X-Men movie was… never and honestly, I thought, before going to see Logan, that it will remain as such forever. Turns out I was wrong and I’m so glad I didn’t give up on the X-Men franchise after it being a big pile of disappointment throughout the years. Because Logan, […]


Commercial Break #71

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Sometimes I sit behind my computer knowing I have to type up a post and spend a lot of time doing everything but writing. I feel like today has been one of those days but since this upcoming week will be mental, I know I have to get everything drafted and scheduled. It’s Saturday evening, […]


Eddie The Eagle (2016)

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If you’re looking for a feelgood movie, that is motivating, sweet and honest, go for Eddie the Eagle! This movie will teach you that winning is not always the only way to win, and being the best you can be, is sometimes better than being the best in the world. And to have such great […]


Les Misérables (2012)

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First off, don’t be mad about the rating, I know it’s super low and most likely will anger many Hathaway fans, Jackman fans and Hooper fans as well, but I just couldn’t rate it higher than this. Reasons are quite simple, first off, I myself am not a fan of musicals, I would’ve avoided Les […]