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How To Be Single

Thursday Movie Picks: Movies You Thought You’d Hate But Ended Up Enjoying

Thursday Movie Picks

Not going to lie, Thursday Movie Picks has been a little bit rocky these past few weeks. I messed up weeks, then cold war wasn’t my theme at all but THIS WEEK! This week is absolutely amazing, because I feel very motivated to just go wild. Fun and wild, and just movies I thought I was going to dislike. I’ll not say hate, because I wouldn’t even watch it if I expect hate. I’ll just end up hating them for…

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How To Be Single (2016)


Against my better judgment, I went to see How To Be Single the other week. Eventually I ended up mildly enjoying myself, while expecting to hate it. And though Dakota Johnson still can’t act, and the plot was vaguely familiar from every other romantic comedy out there, How To Be Single was not flat out bad.…

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