Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Non-English

Another Television Edition and we’re back at it with Non-English shows. I love this theme because this has pushed me into watching more shows on Netflix. More diverse shows. And honestly, I didn’t have to even try this year. I had three picks ready and all of them made in Scandinavia. There was a plan to throw a Danish show into this list and make it a trifecta but I didn’t have time to see any. Though have no fear, next year I shall have another impressive list to share because I’m thoroughly enjoying watching non-English shows. They demand a lot of attention, I need to read the subtitles because no dubbing for me but they are also fun, unique and refreshing.

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Home For Christmas (Season 1)

This year I’ve been super delighted to have stumbled on so many non-English shows. I watch them all in their original language so that means committing myself to subtitles. Home for Christmas was one of the best subtitle-commitments I made this year. This Norwegian show (available on Netflix) is funny, quirky and emotional. And most importantly, for me, Home for Christmas was very close culturally so I felt comforted and as if at home.

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