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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Time Travel


Another last Thursday of the month and it means it’s time for some television recommendations – the post I love the most even though I sometimes struggle with the theme. This time around the theme was time travel, which turned out to be quite a good one for me. Especially considering the fact that all these shows in my list are really really good in my opinion. And surprise surprise, I actually managed to list four shows this week because there…

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Blindsided by Hindsight


There were many promising TV newcomers for the 2014/15 season and I could list at least 5 or 6 that I was interested after the pilot episode. Months later I was eagerly watching just a few of them – as it happens, Hindsight was on top of that list! It’s first season wrapped up with a grand cliffhanger and leaves us questioning what comes next for Becca – the protagonist who ends up back in the 90’s and changes the…

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New on TV (Winter & Spring 2015)

Extra Tv-show

Had nothing special planned for the final post of the year and therefore this post comes to you in a sort of a regular post kind of way. Just a post, no new year resolutions, no end of the year conclusions, just a simple, 2500 word post! Yes, that’s right, this post is possibly the longest thing ever and you might need to prepare yourself a coffee because you’ll need the extra energy. Anyway, since I dedicated a post to…

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