Audrey Hepburn

Hidden Gems: Audrey Hepburn

We are back again and this month we’re making Hidden Gems even more special. You see I started Hidden Gems because I wasn’t doing great with Blind Spot and I wanted something to excel at. So with my Hidden Gems challenge  going well I thought I’d push myself a little further this year and combine the two. So Hidden Gems meets Blind Spot – the almost perfect duo. And what better way to marry those two together than to explore the filmography of Audrey Hepburn!?

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Hidden Gems: Michael Sheen

What a way to end January of 2021. I had a stressful month but more about it later on in February. Today we are looking into our first Hidden Gems of 2021 and let me tell you… it did not disappoint! Meaning I didn’t suffer almost at all. Michael Sheen has some good movies in his filmography and I had not seen many of them. So getting to see Michael Sheen in so many various types of roles (by accident) showcased his diversity to my liking. Oh and yes, I left it all to the last minute even though I planned to be much more organised in 2021. Sometimes you can’t have it all.

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Hidden Gems: Adam Driver

The end is near and due to a mishap by me the end is also very fruitful. In other words, there will be two Hidden Gems posts in a row, one today and one tomorrow. Considering I also watched 24 bad Christmas movies this month my December has been one hectic sprint to the very end. But oh how it was so worth it. And when it comes to Hidden Gems Adam Driver I was enjoying myself throughout! December just became awesome.

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