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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Halloween Edition: Horror Movie Houses

Thursday Movie Picks

It seemed like yesterday we were getting ready for 2019 Halloween but here we are again. Thursday Movie Picks focuses on horror in October and first up are horror movie houses. Now this seems to me more like a deco recommendation than a movie one. I love that though! So I dug deep and tried to think of horror movie houses that are creepy as hell. Putting aside the movies almost completely. So here are three horror movie houses that…

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Hereditary (2018)


I have now mentioned my growing love for the horror genre a few times here on my blog. Watching Hereditary has not stopped that love from blossoming, and it’s safe to say, that horror is on track of becoming a very dependable genre!…

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CB: Once Upon a Time In June

Monthly Wrap Up

Way back in February, when I had a lot of time on my hands, I wrapped up January like a champ. Then, I sort of forgot about it and now I’m bringing the wrap up back. In other words, I’m wrapping up the entire month of June – from movies to shows to books to songs! With a bit of commentary on each of the things I saw, read and listened, and links to possible reviews and such. So take…

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