Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Entertainment Business

Truth to be told, I choked up a bit when I saw the theme for this week because I literally had no idea what to recommend. Then, as always, it clicked and I had three picks all lined up. Granted, one of them is not my favourite, but I had to pick it because it’s theme within a theme again! It’s like the theme itself it not a challenge enough, I have to go and make it a bit more difficult for myself. Here are three entertainment business shows all revolving around music!

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# 172 – A Season full of … (TV-show special)

The time has come, the long period of time when only a few shows air – Summer is here! I have to say, I’m quite excited about this one, not that there seems to be a lot of things happening but just the fact that it’s another one of those important Summers (I’m getting my Bachelor’s degree on 29th). Anyhow, this is not the time and the place to talk about my academics, I’m very motivated to share a little about different final episodes of various series. Sort of a closing post since there might be a lot more post about TV-shows next year (not sure about week to week updates but I might do that with my favorites) and a post about new upcoming TV-shows is coming up also.

First up, not in a specific order, is House MD. I started with it because, honestly, I didn’t even watch it. There were so many reasons but mostly the fact that this season of House was disappointing in so many ways and now in top of it all is the big surprise: Cuddy is gone. Well, what happened to the relationship is a mystery on its own, and the fact that they ruined it soon after they started it and then killed off (not literally I hope…) Cuddy’s  character for good makes me say this: House MD has lost its magic and I think its going to sink next season even further into a show I might hate in the end (like with One Tree Hill). Saying this, I try to remember the good old times, when House was House and when this show was still good.

Next up, is something rather 50/50. Hellcats, a show that ran for a total of ONE seasons, finished with a quite decent episode. Though there were a lot of questions in the air and it was clear that they didn’t think they would get the kick. And me either, I honestly thought that Hellcats would stay and One Tree Hill would go – but no, OTH got its 9th season of unnecessary drama and Hellcats are done for good after a what I would call a totally okay season. (Due to its scheduling opposite to Glee! – which is like THE show at the moment – I’m not surprised the stats were down, but seeing the new shows I doubt one of them would top Glee).

How I Met Your Mother finished its 6th season and got renewed for two more – this season all in all was a bit more sad than usual. I actually don’t remember it being sad at all, except this season and they just kept throwing the sadness like they had replaced the funny. Though it had its moments, and Jennifer Morrison (from House MD) was a solid character this season by making it a little bit interesting but I would say that it was a bit of a downfall for HIMYM. I’m still a fan, I’ll still watch it with excitement but I just think that it could have been better. But I do remember the season final being awesome, so that’s good.

Nikita was the second new show on CW that finished its first season and luckily it got renewed – I like this, because they have some very good writers and they aren’t afraid to throw us completely off the tracks sometimes – like killing off characters that look like they are in it for a long haul. Which is disappointing and excellent at the same time! Nikita had a good season, story-line went from point A to point B with great ideas and looking at Shane West brooding was also something that I really enjoyed. Lots of twists on turns, mostly in the final episode as well and I think the next season is going to be as great as this one – besides, I’m really hoping they would bring back the Division guard who went nuts and killed bunch of people and he was basically promoted – he looked crazy! Bringing back dead people is probably impossible, so I’m a little mad that they killed off Thom – he was great.

The Vampire Diaries wrapped its second season and well, this is a show that keeps on bringing the twists and turns and I absolutely love this one, guys! I really do love TVD! This season for me was especially dear because of Elijah – I hope the writers are thinking about bringing him back because they kind of made him so adorable and awesome that “killing” him was like a stabbing me instead. Anyways, since I do think that TVD is one of my favorites, I think I won’t talk about all the stuff that happened in the season final but I do say this – next season, is going to start with some BIG problems (love it!).

Glee is popular. Glee is like the biggest hit since like for ever. I don’t like Glee but I do watch it because it has its moments. I like some of the jokes, I like Kurt and Puck and Brittany. They have the one-liners that get me laughing and then there is Sue who is just funny and mean. But all together this show lacks the solid groundwork of what I like to call writing. Yes, the one-liners are entertaining, yes there are moments when I think this show is awesome but I still think it represents a lot of shallow stereotypes America seems to have. The jock, the cheerleader, the queen, the underdog, the gay, the closeted-gay, the closeted-gay vol 2, the stupid, the troubled, the overweight etc. I’ve seen it, I’m over it – besides, what is up with the couples? Seriously, I’m gonna say this (because I know some of you might have read this post to this point and some have given up already) – there are two couples in Glee that don’t make sense and I hate that.

Supernatural is left in the end of the list because I am a fan of Kripke and I really didn’t want to praise this season but I have to say, they started rough and then they had some great episodes and the end was godly. Couple of episodes in the middle that went back to the good old funny Supernatural saved the season because I was getting mad at it and then, they went back in time and all that and I was so happy that Supernatural was still in my life. The Castiel episode was a bit boring, the episode after that and the season final redeemed it though so all in all, a good season but not as great as Kripke.

Chuck got the opportunity to to finish all of its story-lines which is great because this means we are in for a very good last ride with those guys. Morgan has a bigger role than he had before – I mean, that was brilliant, he is so much fun. And all of them are adorable and I’m gonna enjoy the last season definitely, and I will miss them as well.

Castle was also something off a thrill ride this season though the fact that those two can’t get themselves between the sheets makes me mad as well. Why give so much sexual tension between main characters and not do anything about for three seasons is something that is beyond me. Anyway, a big storyline was in this one and the end was like too shocking, I know she won’t die but still, why but her through it like that. Anyhow, I hope she wakes out of the coma and the first thing she’ll see is Castle and she will smile and he will do the same and they would MAKE BABIES!

The Big Bang Theory is the last one because I kind of wanted to finish with a bang (get it, I made a joke) – I wanted to finish with a bang like TBBT did cause those guys went over the top and made the next three months into hell – seeing Leonard’s face in the end there was like the saddest thing in the world and Sheldon, well Sheldon is Sheldon and I love him for that (Jim Parsons – you rule!). All in all this season extended itself and I like that, they are beginning to bring the characters out a bit more, for instance Sheldon getting his first kiss – so adorable.

There of course were a lot of other shows I watched, like Better With You which also got the boot (though I don’t know why, it was great and refreshing), Happy Endings (based on 12 episodes it was okay). Grey’s Anatomy was like usually, 90210 was pregnant like as well as Gossip Girl (CW is bringing the babies back), Criminal Minds is bringing JJ back (hopefully her husband as well), Bones showed us nothing and gave us a baby which was seriously the worst thing a show can do (but I guess it’s something new), No Ordinary Family was a bit too ordinary, with the other Criminal Minds I don’t seem to connect so it’s just for passing time.


Some of the reality shows were also on my list this year, one of them, American Idol turned into a big pile of **** and I finished watching it by the time they had eliminated like.. 4 singers. Anyways, I finished ANTM’s season with a bit of a disappointment because the mean girls were in the end but the next season is going to be All Stars and well, that is just mandatory to watch. The Voice started as a new singing competition and it has this crazy thing called the battle round where they kick off great singers for some reason. I don’t get it but Adam Levine is hot and he seems to hate Christina Aguilera as much as I do – so that’s great to watch.

So this is it, this was my year filled with studying and TV-shows – until next year (and the Summer shows that have their own post soon as I get through my drafts that I have prepared).


# 138 – Golden Globes

You guys have no idea how good it feels to write my blog again. After a long week filled with school work and exams I feel like a giant stone has been lifted from my mind. But don’t get me wrong, doing all that (writing, studying, reading), I still managed to go to the movies (twice!), watch a movie, watch two shows (4 seasons all together) and keep myself updated on the trailers and Golden Globes. I know, I’m like the superhero for all the lazy people around the world!

But here is the post about the results from the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards:

For me, the biggest surprise was The Social Network because apparently it is the best movie. Guess I wasn’t focusing on it or I’m just not excited about it as much as others are.  But here is the whole list I like totally stole from IMDb:

Best Motion Picture – Drama


The Social Network (2010) – What just happened? Really? This just shows that I am not a fan of reality and realistic stuff and something like that, Inception would’ve been my pick or Black Swan.. or then again, The King’s Speech looks good and that is realistic! So I guess I’m fine and I should stop panicking and revisit The Social Network just in case. PS:  The movie got a lot of praise but the actors didn’t get any awards.. guess the winner is actually Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg instead.

Other Nominees:

Black Swan (2010)

The Fighter (2010)

Inception (2010)

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama 

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama 

  • Natalie Portman for Black Swan (2010) – I told you but well, everybody already knew. I think she didn’t because if you google her dress for that night it kind of looks like she really didn’t know what she was getting herself into.
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy 

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture 

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture

  • Melissa Leo for The Fighter (2010) – not happy, but I can’t really say if it justified since I haven’t seen the movie.
Best Director – Motion Picture 

  • David Fincher for The Social Network (2010) – a total surprise! Really, this was like the category I had many to root for and they still pulled out the one I wasn’t hoping for to win – irony I guess.

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture

  • The Social Network (2010): Aaron Sorkin – In some ways yes, The Social Network was realistic and based on real life but I still liked Inception so much better. But they kept giving the awards to The Social Network..

Best Original Score – Motion Picture

Best Animated Film

  • Toy Story 3 (2010)- There were two animated movies I hadn’t seen, this was one of them.

Best Television Series – Drama

  • “Boardwalk Empire” (2009) – From all the nominations, this was the only show I hadn’t heard anything about – irony just keeps on coming these days!
Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy 

  • “Glee” (2009) – I was crossing my fingers for The Big Bang Theory but I guess people still like music more than science?
Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television 

  • “Carlos” (2010) – Who, what, where? I should really look up  mini-series because this category is completely blank to me.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television

Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy 

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy 

  • Laura Linney for “The Big C” (2010) – This is the new show I wasn’t excited about but I’m still happy that Lea from Glee didn’t win.
Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
  • Steve Buscemi for “Boardwalk Empire” (2009) – I was so hoping the winner to be Michael C. Hall but I can’t really say anything bad about Buscemi since I haven’t seen this show.
Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama 

  • Katey Sagal for “Sons of Anarchy” (2008) – This woman has been on TV like forever! and she deserved this one, plus she looked absolutely amazing that night!
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television 

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television 

  • Jane Lynch for “Glee” (2009) – Good for her too. Those two actually are the best ones, not too over the top just funny in their own way!

So this is the short version, it actually isn’t the full list I skipped couple of the categories because I knew nothing about the movies (or songs) that were in them. Anyway, this list shows that I’m quite well informed and watching all the great movies as much as I can. I’ll try to keep up the good work and keep you posted about everything I watch even when school is over my head and life just isn’t as great as movies.

#23 – Glee has my (L)

The latest episodes of Glee I have watched with awe – Madonna episode to the Funk episode last night – I’m taking a bow to Ryan, Brad and Ian!

What is so great about the show are the characters – Sue Silvester is like the female version of dr House in tracksuits drinking shakes instead of popping pills. Last nights episode showed Sue’s human side once again, with Sue writing in her diary “Something strange happened yesterday. I felt something below the neck” just seemed so funny that I cracked a smile. And it wasn’t the only time, I even laughed out loud and I have realized that I do that a lot with Glee. It has this smart humor that isn’t cheesy – Kurt going “Rachel is one of us, we are the ones who get to humiliate her!” with a serious face just made my day. Too bad I can’t sing or else I’d be starting my own glee club – although I don’t know how popular it would be in Estonia.

By the way, did you noticed that Rachel didn’t have a solo? Puck, Finn and Quinn sang most of the songs in this episode and Rachel got egged – are the writers trying to bring down the Rachel ego since there are rumors that Lea Michele is becoming a diva? Guess it will remain a mystery but until then I love to see more Puck – although I can’t imagine the show without Kurt also and if I think about it, all the characters have kind of .. stole my heart.

# 2-Glee

First of all, I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Glee (there are other TV-shows that I’m more excited about), but I must say that my time was well spent when I watched the Madonna episode (season 1 episode 15). I don’t know if it was because of Madonna or Glee’s amazing cast and writers but I’d give that episode 4 stars out of 5!

The Glee madness begun almost a year ago, when the pilot was aired on May 19th on FOX – it was September 9th when they returned and delivered again to their fans. And it seems Glee is all about the long waiting, because after the 13th episode aired it took another 4 months until the next episode aired. I must admit, I was one of those who waited all those times just so I can hear them sing a pop or an old-school rap song – nor am I forgetting the story-lines of the characters.

I read yesterday that the show is created by the same guys who brought us Nip/Tuck (which I thought was amazingly weird because the two shows seem to be utterly different) and  the other shocker for me was that Kurt wasn’t originally a character at all and it was created especially for Chris Colfer after he tried out for Artie’s role. Isn’t that nice, one of the most likable characters in the show is actually based on the actor himself which shows that the creators were looking for REAL people to play REAL people.

And this is actually the vibe I get from the show, the fact that Finn can’t really dance seems awkward but it works, that Rachel seems too “something” and that Will makes mistakes – gives me a feeling that those are people (not perfect characters).

NB: I’m really looking forward to see Neil Patrick Harris on Glee – I heard his character will be some what bad but I know I’ll love him no matter what!