George R. R. Martin

Seven Books On My Nightstand

We all do it, we all go to book stores and buy a book we’d love to read right away and then months later, there are suddenly dozen books on your night stand waiting for your attention. With work, movies, TV show marathons and everything Internet related, I tend to forget that I actually love […]

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Book Review: A Clash of Kings

The post is aimed at avoiding spoilers and it’s pretty much my discussion of my likes and dislikes, sometimes in comparison with the series. Trust me, the fact that I’m able to review this second book of the series so soon after finishing the first book (review is here) is as surprising to me as […]

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Book Review: A Game of Thrones

No massive spoilers ahead, though there are some indications to things that happen  but overall, it’s a very unorganized post of thoughts. Enjoy! There’s no way in hell I would skip a review of A Game of Thrones but even when I say it, I’m pretty terrified to do so: with numerous point-of-view characters and […]

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