Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Politics

This weeks’ theme is giving me a small amount of stress because politics is not my thing. I rarely find it interesting because to me it seems like a messy situation run by opinionated people. You could say I’m apolitical, standing in the distance, observing it lightly and definitely not commenting on it. Anyway, this […]

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CB: Rock Me Well & Other Stories

Last week was weird, and by weird, I mean horrible and shit but wonderful at the same time. Lower back pain is no fun at all, and even while sitting and not moving much, it hurts and you are constantly feeling discomfort. Meanwhile though, I spent my days watching movies with Sam Rockwell, and doing […]

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# 50 – 5in1

Still feeling  ill I decided yesterday to stay in, the result – a five movie marathon with my mom. I decided not to make a post about each one of them but simply put them into the order I liked them. First being the best of the day and last being the worst (compared with […]

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