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Top 10 of My Favourite Books I Want to See as Movies

10 For 10 Mettel Ray

So we are back at it with the books but this time, I’m talking about book adaptations that have not yet happened. A warning though, this is a list mostly about fantasy books I really love. And I must clarify, when I mean movies, I probably mean movie franchises and when I mean movie franchises, I could also mean shows. But since I’ve done so many TV show posts already, I figured I should up my movie game for 10…

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CB: Where the F*ck Have I Been / Break Recap Part 2

Commercial Break

Like promised, here is the second part of the recap that brings you all the shows and books I consumed during my break. Needless to say, I don’t think I remember everything I saw during this little absence of mine. Didn’t keep a list, only reviewed one show, so who knows what I will forget to mention. Also, I didn’t read much but I did discover a few good songs and had one good oldie on repeat. As per usual, there…

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