Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Oscar Winners Edition: Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay

Can’t believe it’s already June!? I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything this year and most of it is already over. Anyway, at least I have been keeping up with my Thursday posts which are back with the Oscar Winners Edition special. This week we are looking into Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplays. Now you know me, I like to pick a theme within the theme, so I right away wanted to pick one of them as the main focus. Also it’s getting a little late here so I won’t be saying much about the movies this week.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Small Towns

This year I have tried to do a few theme within a theme posts and this week I’m doing the same, I’m picking movies with small towns during, surprise surprise, winter! It’s that time of the year, and it’s snowing all around the world – I’ve seen various instagram photos of this wonderful white fuzz. So it seemed only fitting that I’d share my three wonderful snow-filled picks.

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10 Great Television Shows I Still Need To Watch

Over the years I have devoted a lot of my time to television shows. Though I no longer watch 30 shows a week (there was a moment in time where that was the number!), I still spend quite a lot of time on them but I have so far only scratched the surface. Here is a list of great television shows I still need to watch which, I must admit, is simply a fraction of a much larger list I’m too afraid to share.

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