Actors/Actresses I Would See In About Anything (10 Things)


Karamel Kinema was kind enough to forward me this cool blogathon that is all about those actors & actresses that one would watch in about anything. This idea originated with Abbi at Where the Wild Things Are, and this marks my first “passing the torch” blogathon I’ve ever been included in so I’m super excited. Though many of the current participants have kept the list strictly masculine, I’m gonna give it my best to include some lovely ladies in mine as well (as it was originally intended as well!).

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Katy’s Blockbusted Blogathon

Just my luck guys! After coming back from the hibernation, my laptop decided it was time to give up on me and well, it doesn’t look good. Not only did I loose a large amount of important stuff, I was also stripped away from my image-editing software and blog writing possibilities away from home. Not sure how or when I will get my laptop back, if I get it back, but here’s  a fun blogathon to distract you from my life-issues.

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August: Osage County (2013)

august osage county

Tracy Letts’ Killer Joe was probably one of the most shocking, out there and pushing boundaries movie that came out in 2011 and that put Letts somewhere high in my list until August: Osage County brought him right back down. It doesn’t matter that it had Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts face to face and insult to insult, and that the director John Wells is behind Shameless US, the movie is messy and over the top, never really exploring the story lines that actually spike interest and overall disappointing.

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The Impossible (2012)


This post contains spoilers but in order to keep you from them I wrote this sentence.

The Impossible is a perfect example of a movie that has a big impact with its realistic take on the disaster that shocked the world. I’m not going to lie, there are moments in the movie that will be in my mind for a long time because of its cringe worthy showcase of battle wounds and emotions. Now, weeks later, after I thought my emotions had gone away, I re-watched some scenes and all of those emotions came rushing back. You simply can’t forget The Impossible because it thrives on the one thing that we all can relate to: survival.

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Getting personal

This is a rather personal post and has more or less a bit to do with movies and TV-shows. But that is not the main point, the actual thing I wanted to say, is that I’m going to be absent for some time from now on. Time: a week and a half, depending on my school work and all. I do have some posts scheduled for you all, so I won’t be totally quiet but still, me, myself and I won’t be around a computer for a while. Hopefully I won’t loose any of you during that time – I’m coming back, I promise!

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Beginners (2010)

Before I start with the actual review I just want to point out that this is, and forever will be, the cutest dog ever! I appreciate the characteristics this dog embodies, he looks a bit scruffy and yet, the personality is just impeccable – plus, how is it that even dogs can embody so much emotion? I could talk about this dog for hours. I guess it’s because I just wanna give it a hug and have deep conversations with him like Ewan McGregor’s character had. I think he will be a good listener and the fact that he looks intelligent will probably mean he would give great advice. But enough about the dog now, I need to talk about Beginners, which is a slightly dark comedy that tackles a fresh topic with much heart and a bit of humor.

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# 112 – The Island

Revisited this movie because I was a bit bored and needed something easy enough to watch but at the same time interesting. The Island is one of my favorites and I don’t really know why, I think it’s Ewan McGregor who makes this movie an absolute pleasure and Scarlett Johansson who wasn’t annoying back then and Michael Bay who hadn’t done the Transformers yet.

Anyway, The Island tells a story about this facility in the dessert that grows organs and babies for people who have a lot of money but since the vegetative state isn’t actually working the whole facility grows actual clones who live, breathe and some even think, question etc. Ewan plays Lincoln Six Echo and Scarlett is Jordan Two Delta (aren’t those such cute names, can you imagine your kid running around the house and you yelling Lincoln Six Echo, stop that! – adorable) who escape  because Lincoln finds out that the island is actually death – what a nice concept.

I’m not gonna get into the mid part and the end because I think it is rather stupid to write about that in reviews, people usually search for them when they haven’t seen the movie – although this came out five years ago I still managed to find a person who hadn’t seen it – my roommate, so yeah, I’m not gonna write how the movie ends – NEVER!

I get a bit of Michael Bay’s humor from it too (which is actually Alex Kurtzman who is the writer of Transformers as well – they seem to work together a lot, might be something they like about each other). But that kind of humor makes rather important moments a bit lighter and doesn’t let the seriousness overcome the action and the fun. Looking back I remember it as a funny action movie which is much better than the new ones (caugh The Killers caugh Knight and Day caugh) – so the movie is quite easy and light and not too much over the top. I think it shows perfectly Bay’s and Kurtzman’s early years when they were good, now I think that Transformers have ruined them a bit, but who knows, I Am Four (which will have its own post soon after this one) is coming out soon and that might make Michael Bay a bit cooler for me. But this only shows that I like all those sci-fi movies, especially after the rom-com’s have died. And this sci-fi movie will remain in my watch-again pile for a while – 3,5 out of 5.

# 29 – I Love You Phillip Morris

This was the last comedy of my comedy-marathon and how glad was I that I watched this the last. This one saved comedy for me, in my opinion and not because Jim Carrey is funny but because the STORY was funny! And the fact that it was based on real life made it even more funnier and unbelievably surprising.

I had already read wiki’s short bio on Steven Jay Russell so I knew something but I had forgot about the ending and that ladies and gentlemen was the surprising ending I have been talking about! I’m not gonna ruin it for you cause this is the only comedy out of 4 I recommend and I don’t want to give away much so I’ll just give a short summary of the movie.

It’s about this conman Steven Russell who gets into an accident and decides to come out of the closet: “I’m gay – gay,gay, gay, gay, gay!” he says and leaves his wife and kids to live the big shiny gay life! The story is interesting since the storyline is a little messed up and they don’t give everything away at first, so that is why I kind of liked it – it wasn’t predictable. And don’t even get me started on Jim Carreys performance because this was probably his best performance in years – thanks to the character (thanks to the real conman Steven Russel!). And who is Phillip Morris, why he is the sweet blond played by Ewan McGregor who Steven falls for.

I recommend to watch the movie and not read the wiki summary of  Steven Russells life cause this would give away so much about the movie (since I read it a while back I dind’t remember it, but if you do it before watching the movie you’re gonna ruin it for you): cause I give it 4,5 stars out of 5 and you should see that movie… real-life seems much more interesting and funnier after that.